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(Kittson County Enterprise; 19 Dec 1951)

Samuel Jerome's Life Reaches End of Trail.

Was Last Survivor of Andre Jerome Family.

Last Monday morning at 7 a.m., Samuel Jerome, the lastsurvivor of the original Andre Jerome family, passed to his eternal reward.He would have been 85 years old had he lived until next April.

Samuel Jerome was born April 27, 1867. The exact placeof his birth is not known except to say that he was born in the then remoteterritory in the vicinity of Fort Pembina. The family is inclined to thinkeither just across the International Border, near Pembina, or on the Dakotaor Minnesota side. His father was born in 1821 and settled on a farm 9 mileswest of Hallock in the year 1872, so it is possible he was born on thisside.

The Jerome family history is outstanding in connectionwith that era of settlement concerned with the early years in Minnesota,North Dakota and Manitoba. His father, Andre, traces his ancestry back tothe French Huguenots, his paternal grandfather having immigrated from Franceearly in the nineteenth century. Our deceased subject's brother, Batiste,who died a few years ago at Bemidji, was presented with a parchment anda gold ring bearing the coat of arms of this family and showing a directline of relationship with Napoleon Bonaparte of France. This parchment andring was presented to Batiste through the Shrine Lodge, of which he wasa member.

Referring to Kittson County Enterprise records, the lateJ. E. Bouvette wrote of Andre in his silver anniversary edition, in 1906the following; " . . . . . ."

Andre, our subject's father, was associated with the firstGovernor of Minnesota, hauled freight by Red River cart and by rafts floatedto the headwaters of the Red River to Pembina and Ft. Gary, now Winnipeg.In connection with the fur trade he traveled the streams or tributariesof the Red River all over its basin.

We refer to these incidents in the life of Andre Jerome,father of Samuel, our deceased subject, because they reveal to us the backgroundand the circumstances that defined the life of this man, the last survivingson of Kittson county's first settler. No man in the history of this countylived through an era that dates so far back in history as did Samuel withthe possible exception of the late Editor of this paper who came with hisparents to this region from St. Cloud in the year 1869.

The Jerome family home was located at the mouth of theTwo Rivers, 9 miles west and two miles north of Hallock. This was firstsettled by Andre Jerome in the year 1872 and this was the parental homeof Samuel until 1922 when the home burned to the ground. Thereafter Samuellived at the present day Nick Kiryluk farm until 1936 when he contactedlung trouble and became a patient at the Walker sanitorium. He survivedthis trouble which was arrested and then came back to Hallock and in 1950he retired to the Hallock Rest Home where he was up to the time of his illnessa couple of days before his death.

Mr. Jerome never married. As stated before he was the lastsurvivor of a family of nine brothers and three sisters. He is survivedby the children of the second generation however, consisting of the AndrewJerome family of Hallock, Batiste's family of Bemidji; Alex Jerome family,Hallock and the families of his two sisters, both deceased, Mrs. Smith ofHallock and the late Mrs. Parenteau of St. Vincent.

The service will be held today (Wednesday) at St. Patrick'sCatholic church in Hallock at 10 a.m. when a high requiem mass will be spokenby Rev. Father Clemens. Interment will be made in the family lot in Hallockbeside the remains of his late parents and other deceased members of hisfamily.


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