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Erickson, Gust
B: 17 Feb 1878, Olengus, Sweden
D: Jan 1957
M: 09 Mar 1907, Anna Vernes, dau of John and Oline Vernes. d. Nov 1964.

FN: Andrew Erickson
MN: Carolina Unknown

Children of Gust Erickson and Anna Vernes:

Gust and Anna raised 14 children to adulthood, and Anna Mae, until she was 8 when she died from ruptured appendix:

Carrie Erickson
M: 1925, Anton Westberg. Anton d. 1945

Jennie Erickson
D: From quincy when her youngest child was 6 months old
M: Carl Lofberg and had 6 girls

Children of Carl Lofberg and Jennie Erickson:

Janet Erickson

Fern Erickson (adopted by the Carlsons from Hallock)

Amy Erickson (raised by Elof Mattsons from Kennedy)

Joyce Erickson (raised by Peter and Mabel Willips in Kennedy)

Doris Erickson (stayed at Carries and others)

Rosella Erickson

Selma Erickson
M: (1) Ray Cummins, they had 5 children
M: (2) Carl Westling, they had 5 children

Ella Erickson
D: 1966
M: Arthur Cummins, they had 6 children

Minnie Erickson
M: Dec 1932, Otto Lysford, and had 4 children

Roy Erickson
D: 1952
M: Evelyn Johnson, had 3 children. She remarried to Elmer Blackberg

Fred Erickson
M: Olga Wolff, had 4 children

Albert Erickson
M: Gladis Tolfeson, had 2 children.

Agnes Erickson
M: Iver Tureson, had 5 children.

Lester Erickson (twin)
M: Margaret Cummins, had 2 girls

Leslie Erickson (twin)
M: Betty Helquist, had 5 children

Grace Erickson
M: William Kiesow, had 1 son. William d. 1973

Raymond Erickson
M: Audrey Verden, had 7 children

Ruth Erickson
M: Leonard Tenold, had 4 sons

Anna May Erickson
D: 8 years old