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Margorie Altendorf


Terry Norberg


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Margorie Altendorf was born in Argyle, MN on September11, 1928. Her parents were Ivanhoe and Mezzine Beavdry. Ivanhoe passedaway in June of 1992 at the age of 92 years old. Mezzine passed away atthe age of 79. She lived in a three room, log cabin, one room upstairsand two downstairs. She had one brother and one sister. When she was fiveyears old, they built a new seven room house which was quite a big difference. She walked to school 2 miles every day. In the winter, her dad would bringthem to school with a horse and sled.

When Margorie was growing up, her brother and sister andshe had to chores to do in the barn. After high school, she and her sisterboth got married.

In 1969, Margorie started working at Arctic Cat in Karlstaduntil they closed up. Then she started working at Northern Outerwear inThief River Falls. She worked there for the past six years. Margorie isnow working at Motor Coach in Pembina, North Dakota. Margorie's husband,Gerold Altendorf, passed away five and one half years ago of cancer. Margorieliked to go fishing when she had extra time. Deer hunting was always asport for the family. Margorie and Gerold had five children.

Most of the meat they had was canned. They raised chickensand turkeys to eat. They butchered in the winter so it would freeze andthen they would wrap it good and put it in granary sacks and store it underthe grain. It would stay frozen until quite late in the spring. They didn'thave refrigerators because rural lights were not in then. The food wouldstay cool by hanging it down in the well. They had an ice box made likea refrigerator. She would cut ice blocks from the river in the winter timeand pull them out with ice tongs. They would get water from a well. Thewell was outside and it had a big hand pump on it. All the water wouldbe hauled to the house. The water would be heated on a wood stove in aboiler for washing clothes. She used a scrub board to wash the clothes. The cooking and baking was done with a wood range. It was nice in thewinter using the wood stove, it kept the house nice and warm. It was toohot in the summertime. They grew a big garden for vegetables. The vegetableswere canned. At Christmas time, she always went to midnight mass on horseand sled. All the kids would get one small gift.

I got my information from Margorie Altendorf.

information from Margorie Altendorf.