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Doris F. Anderson


Danny Johnson


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN

Grandmother Interview

Name: Doris F. Anderson

Date of Birth: February 10, 1926

Birthplace: St. Joseph Township, Kittson County, Minnesota


Describe your childhood growing up on the farm.

As a child, I don't remember a whole lot, but I do rememberhaving to work in the garden, help clean the house and barn and also helpingin the fields with my dad and brothers. We did a lot of canning. If somethingneeded to be frozen, we would hang it in the well during the winter months. I remember every year going out to pick wild berries, so we could makejelly and sauces for the winter months. We never bought fruit because wecouldn't afford it. All of our clothes were homemade, but I do rememberhaving one store bought dress, but I think I was out of school when I gotthat.


How many brothers and sisters did you have?

I had six brothers and sisters: Edward, who died in WorldWar II over the English Channel; Martin; Stanley, now deceased; Victoria,who died in early childhood; Annie and Violet.


What was school like when you went to school?

I went to a country school that was a mile from home. So, every day I had to walk a mile to school and a mile back home again. We had many different grades in one classroom. There were no footballor basketball games for entertainment. We had to make our own games. Ionly had the opportunity to go through the eighth grade. My father pulledme out of school to work in the potato fields to help support the family. This same thing happened to my other sisters when they reached the eighthgrade also.


When did you move from the farm to town?

In about the 1940's or so my parents and family moved totown and I then got a job working in the cafe to help support the familyuntil I got married.


When did you meet grandpa and when did you get married?

I met your grandpa, Art Anderson, about 1949 and in Juneof 1951 we were married in Hallock and had three children, Robert, Barbara,your mother, and Allen. In 1968, your grandpa died from cancer so you nevergot the chance to meet him.


What are some of your interests, Grandma?

I love gardening, rug making and my grandchildren, andwhen I have time, I like to read, too.

d my grandchildren, andwhen I have time, I like to read, too.