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Grandma Anderson


Tyler Foss


6th Grade 1996, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My grandma was born on a cold winter day. She was the firstborn. When my grandma was little, she lived in many houses. Her first housewasn't really a house, it was an old abandoned school. Her house had norunning water, heat, or walls. It was a hard time for her and her family.They lived there until someone bought it so they moved to a greenhouse.It was freezing at night. My grandpa's mom put up old blankets and maderooms.

One day when her mom was baking, she went into labor somy grandma ran to get her dad. They rushed to the hospital. My grandma'smom had a new baby boy named Elroy. After a while, they moved back intothe old school house. My grandma's family was very poor. They couldn't buya house. My grandma's dad worked for a man that was a farmer. Her mom wasa housewife. They saved up enough to buy a farm outside of Lake Bronson.My grandma had to milk cows, get eggs from the chickens, feed goats, andshear sheep. When my grandma was growing up, she had schoolwork and shehad to do her chores.

When she was in high school, all her friends had new clothesevery year but my grandma had to wear the same thing year after year untilthey wouldn't even go on any more. My grandma's first job was as a waitress.She made 50 cents an hour and she worked for 5 hours. She got a little allowanceof 5 cents a week which she thought was a lot at the time. Then she quither job to work for her neighbor for $1.50 an hour. She didn't think twiceabout taking it. It was very hard work but it was worth it.

One winter it snowed a lot and her car couldn't get herto school so she had to walk every day three miles to school. Some daysit was so cold she couldn't feel her fingers. During the winter, she wasa waitress and in the summer she was a farmer. She liked waitressing betterbut she didn't get paid as much.

One day her mom said they they were going to move to NewYork. Then her whole family went to live in New York. They didn't like itmuch so they moved back to the farm in Lake Bronson.

When my grandma got out of high school, she dated a manfor seven years and then married him. Now, they have many grandchildren.


I got my information from my grandma.