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The Life Story Of Kaia Anderson


Tawnya Larson

Sixth Grade


Kaia Anderson was born January 2, 1885, In Lofoten Island,Norway. She went to school in their house. The house was so big the classroomwas on top floor in the hallway. Before they started school, they had toknow how to read.

School started at 8:00 in the morning and continued until4:00 in the afternoon. The first class was religion. Everybody had the samereligion and went to the same church. They even had school on Saturday.Mrs. Anderson attended school 3 or 4 terms. She stayed with an older couplewhen she went to school.

At nineteen, she and her brother came over to the U.S.They didn't understand English, but she came to visit in North Dakota firstwith her older brother, Jergin. Later, they went through Hallock to theRoseau line. There were few roads in that time. Kaia was married in Caribou.Her husband worked in the woods cutting down trees for the house they plannedto build in Hallock. Cattle roamed all over where they lived in Cariboufor four years.

Then her husband died and it was hard to find a job. Mrs.Anderson was a cook for a doctor on his farm. She worked there for a while.Then she went to North Dakota. She worked for her brother as a cook.

Later, she came back to Hallock. Her new husband and shehad two children. She worked in Halma as a housekeeper until she got marriedagain. Her husband was Pastor Mons Anderson. They had decided to work atthe poor farm. Her husband was hired to keep it and she was the cook. Itwas a great experience.

After a year, they decided to start their own home forthe needy. She worked for fourteen years. There was a quarter for peoplewho worked there. Patients got to pick what doctor they wanted. They evenkept little children. Some kids had never been in a church.

They worked there for many years, by hand power and willpower. They didn't have hot lunch in that time. So, they had to send lunchwith all the kids. They had to get up at five o'clock. There was a girlshe had for nine years. She had a son in 1905, he died in the CrookstonHospital of a disease. She cooked one hundred pounds of buns in a week.

After fourteen years she quit. They moved to Hallock andgot the house she's living in now. Her husband cleaned and kept up the Lutheranchurch. Mrs. Anderson lived here ever since. She took care of her grandchild.She cooked in a restaurant, hospital, and nursing home. She went back toNorway four times to visit her people. She walks up town. She does all herown work. She mows the lawn and hoes the garden. She celebrated her 90thbirthday, January 2, 1975. Her life has been long, active and rewarding.


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