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Ruth Anderson


Jarod Anderson


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Ruth Anderson was born in Deerwood Township in 1923. Herparents were Markus and Carrie Netterlund and had 5 brothers and 1 sister. They were Fred, Reuben, Swen, Mancer, Rudy and Harry, but Harry died atbirth. Her sister was Agnes.

My Grandma attended Happy Hollow School through the 8thgrade. She had to walk 2 1/2 miles to school each day. The Happy HollowSchool had a total of 20 students which included all eight grades. Eachclass usually had 3 students in each class. Every day they had to pack theirlunch. They had to carry water to fill the water fountain. The schoolhad outdoor bathrooms and had places for them to tie up their horses whenthey were able to take them to school in the winter. The only programsthey had at school were Christmas programs. Grade nine, she stayed withher Grandma Bystrom and went to school. Grades 10 - 12, she rode the busto town to go to school.

Grandma's parents farmed for a living. They farmed approximately240 acres. They used a steam threshing machine and a rumley and could rememberwhen her Dad bought the new Huber threshing machine. After he purchasedthe Huber threshing machine, he would make two runs. He would thresh athome and then would thresh for a group of farmers at Springbrook township,and then he would be gone for several weeks. They cut grain and hayed witha team of horses.

Her mother had a big garden which she enjoyed working in,but Grandma preferred working in the house. They washed clothes with amotored Maytag which had to have the exhaust run through a window. Theyslept upstairs with very little heat. Her family spent their free timevisiting neighbors.

Christmas was a quite time as Christmas Eve they spentby themselves. They usually ate Lutefisk and rice pudding. Christmas Daymorning they would all go to the Yulota Service, which was Christmas morningservice. Her Mom's sister and family and a couple of older bachelors wouldcome out for dinner. They would eat turkey on Christmas Day because theyraised turkeys, and fruitcake.

My Grandma remembers when she and her brother, Mancer,rode to town in the caboose which her Dad drove with a team of horses. It took them all day to get to town. It was made from a body of an oldcar with a wood stove in it to keep them warm. Another memory is when herDad came home with the Model T Ford. Before the Model T, they had a touringvehicle with curtains over the windows which was real cold in the winter.

After graduation, she started work at the Olson MercantileStore as a clerk. She made $20.00 per month. They sold clothing, groceries,and even had kerosene for sale. They were open Tuesday, Wednesday, andSaturday evenings till 12:00 midnight as those were the evenings they hadshows and people bought their groceries after the shows. In the fall of1942, she married Leslie Anderson but still continued to work at the store. In 1944, they moved to Arveson Township and lived on the Anderson farmswith Leslie's Mother. She was the Township Clerk up until 1987, when shemoved to town. In 1945, they bought a house and moved out to the farm. They had 4 sons, Leon, Brian, Steve (my Dad), and Tim. When her youngestson started school, she worked for Mendall Erickson at the Hartz Store. That was located where the community center is now and worked there for9 years. After the death of her husband in 1986, she moved to town whereshe is still living. Her hobbies are: reading, quilting, crocheting, andbaking. She enjoys Labor Day weekend the most as she spends the weekendat Rollag, watching old threshing machines. She has spent the past 22 yearsat Rollagg over Labor Day weekend. My Grandma is very special to me!

over Labor Day weekend. My Grandma is very special to me!