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Judith Bernie Ballard


Kelly D. Gustafson


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My grandma, Judith Bernie Ballard, was born on a cold wintersday on January 8, 1920. Her family lived in a log house on a farm in Duxly,Minnesota. She only had one brother, his name was Rudolph Johnson. Hewas six years older than her. Her father's name was Jhon Jhonson. Hisnickname was long Jhon because he was very tall. Her mother's name wasGusta Jhonson.

Her family farmed for a living. They raised cattle, pigs,turkeys, and small grains. They farmed with horses.

When my grandpa was unhitching the horses one day, my grandmagot kicked in her forehead by a big work horse. She was being chased bya goose and she ran right into the hind feet of the horse.

She started school when she was five years old. She wentto a country school about 2 miles from her home. The school only had oneclass room with one teacher for eight grades. They walked to school andhad to bring their own lunch every day. She liked recess the most but theyonly had 20 minutes to play.

Her summers were spent helping her mother and played withher kittens. Once, when her mother and brother and she were out pickingberries, they saw some Indians. They were digging snake roots which theyused to make medicine. My Grandma and her brother were very scared butthe Indians were friendly and wouldn't hurt them.

Grandma Judy graduated from the country school when shewas 13 years old, having completed all eight grades. In the fall of 1933,she started high school in Badger, Minnesota. She had to stay with anotherfamily in town because they couldn't get back and forth everyday. The peopleshe stayed with owned a newspaper business in Badger. She graduated in1937 from Badger High School. Out of twenty original classmates, only eightgraduated and they were all girls.

After high school, she started working at the newspaperoffice. It was called The Badger Herald Rustler??? Back then, they didn'thave a lineo-type so all the news and advertising was done by hand. Theyhad to pick up one letter at a time. That is why my grandma is so goodto spell. They weren't allowed to make any mistakes.

In 1943, my grandma worked at the post office in Badger.

In 1944, grandma moved to Tacoma, Washington. She wentthere on a bus. She worked at Brown and Haileys candy factory.

In 1947, she got married to my grandpa, Felix L. Ballard. He was originally from Barstown, Kentucky. That same year they moved backto Badger. My grandpa and grandma owned a garage and service station. They also built a motel.

My grandma went back to work at the post office and retiredfrom there in 1980. They sold their garage and motel in 1975.

My grandma comes to my house to visit often so I can beather at rummy all the time.

My mom is her kid.

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My mom is her kid.