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Florence Banaszewski


Tiffany Blazewski


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My grandmother was born in 1911 and grew up on a farm. Her parents were Frank and Pauline Nowaci. There were ten kids in herfamily including her. When my grandma was young, there wasn't any electricity,television, running water, or freezers. Cream separators were used to separatethe cream from the milk. Then butter was churned or shook in a coveredpail until it turned into butter. To make cottage cheese, milk was leftin a warm place until it was heated. When it got heated, it turned intocottage cheese.

My grandmother remembers her mother making her own soapfor washing clothes. She boiled the clothes in a big boiler to get herwhite washing clean and white. She then washed them in a washing machine,and when she didn't have a washing machine, she used a big brown tub anda washboard. Water was carried into the house from an outside well. Lamps,lanterns, and candles were used to give light. My grandmother had no freezers,so they used ice boxes. Big chunks of ice were put into the ice box tokeep food cool and keep it from spoiling.

Children had to walk a mile or more to school and had tobring their own lunch boxes. There was a wood burning stove in the roomto keep them warm. Children that wanted to go to school more would haveto stay in town. People would have to go a mile or more to get their mailunless they lived close to the mail route. Many mail boxes were together. They were mounted on a wheel supported on a pole, stuck into the ground. When my grandmother was young, there were many parties and dances in thebarn lofts.

In the winter, if people could not get places because ofthe deep snow, they would use a caboose, grain box, or a hay rack on a sleighpulled by one horse. In the summer, my grandma's dad had a one horse buggy. It was called a one horse buggy because it was pulled by one horse. Thatis the way they took cream and eggs to the country creamery and store wherethey bought their groceries.

Field work was all done with horses pulling the machinery. Threshing machines were used to thresh the grain as there were no combinesat that time. The threshing machine's power was transmitted by pulleysand a belt which was attached to the threshing machine and a tractor. Manysummers when the men were working in the field, they had to cover theirfaces with cheese cloth to keep the mosquitoes from biting their faces.

These are some of the things my grandma remembers abouther life when she was younger. My grandma is 82 now and still likes todo a lot of things.

I got my information from Florence Banaszewski

got my information from Florence Banaszewski