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Glen Beck: The Man of Many Strengths


Joni Karol


One of my most favorite people, my grandpa, was born onApril 19, 1912, near Wilmar, Minnesota. This bouncing baby boy was bornto the proud parents, Cyrus and Christine (Homan) Beck.

My grandpa, Glen Clair Beck, grew up on a farm with fivebrothers and five sisters. Today, only three brothers and three sistersare still alive.

At the age of five, the dreaded disease polio, hit Glen. Glen was able to get around on small crutches. After a couple of yearsof having to use crutches, Glen was back on his feet just as active as anynormal boy. Still today, Glen remembers those small crutches that helpedhim to get where he wanted to go.

As a young boy, his hobbies were hunting and fishing. There was no organized fun so he and his brothers and sisters had to maketheir own fun.

Glen went to a small country school close to where he lived. He went until the beginning of the seventh grade. He quit school and wentto work on a farm to help support his brothers and sisters.

He earned money by working on a neighbor's farm until hewas 20 years old. Then he left the farm and went to the cities and gota job in a bakery. To this day he can't stand eating bought bread!

During the time he worked on his neighbor's farm, he meta girl by the name of Anna Sophia Hostrup. On October 1, 1932, they joinedin holy matrimony.

Glen started out by raising horses, but with the Depression,he changed from raising horses to raising cattle. During the Depression,he was able to get four head of cattle for a hundred dollars.

They raised their family of nine girls and one boy on afarm outside of Lancaster, Minnesota. All of the children are still living. Only two of the girls are not married. One is still at home and goingto school. The other girl is a doctor of the handicapped.

In 1951, Glen was shot in his left leg in a hunting accident. The bullet was lodged in so that it cut the circulation in the calf ofhis leg. Today, the calf of his left leg is much smaller than the calfon his right leg.

Glen served on the school board of the St. Joseph Schoolfor many years. He also was and still is the secretary of the St. Josephtownship.

Glen doesn't really enjoy going to a dance or a basketballgame, instead he likes to stay in the peace and quiet of his own home.

He also likes to eat peanuts, ice cream and candy. Grandmais always saying that she has to hide the peanuts and the candy in her ownspecial hiding place in order to keep it from disappearing. She can't hidethe ice cream so there is no way to keep that.

Glen enjoys watching "Popeye the Sailor Man". He also enjoys playing the harmonica and yodeling.

Glen is a member of the Mission Church in Lancaster, wherehe still lives today.

Glen is a grandpa to 29 children and a great grandpa to2 children.

During the summer months, Glen and his wife have troublesomeboys from the cities come to spend the summer with them. I remember especiallyone boy that spent the summer there. He called a knife a "toothpick"when he first got there. All he talked about was the gang he hung aroundwith and the gang fights he had been in. His father was an alcoholic andhis mother deserted his sister, his father and he when he and his sisterwere very young. At the end of the summer, he wished he could stay. Hesaid it was the most fun he had had anywhere.

They have had many other boys who have come and stayedwith them. This is reasonable since Glen only had one boy out of ten children.

This is why my grandpa is the most important person tome.


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