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My Grandmother

Edna Ruby Berg


Jessica Berg


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


On April 19, 1924, my grandmother, Edna Ruby Berg was born. Her father, Andrew, was a farmer who was born in Norway and came to Americawhen he was six months old. Her mother, Ruth, was born near Grand Forks,North Dakota. Edna and her five brothers and three sisters were born andraised on a farm in Marshall County. All her sisters and brothers livewithin 100 miles of each other.

On the farm, they raised cows, pigs, and chickens and soldthe eggs and cream for grocery money. They picked berries and nuts andhelped with the hay stacks. Edna would usually help her mother in the houseor in the garden. She would also help milk cows or help in the potato fieldin the fall for their spending money. For fun, they played "stealthe sticks", tag, rode horses and played anti-i-over and they rolledtires for pretend cars. They had only one bike between them and would haveto share it. Once a week they would go to the movies in Strandquist. EverySunday, her family would go to Zion Lutheran Church near Strandquist. Shewas baptized, confirmed and married there.

When Edna started school, she rode in a horse bus. Thiswas a covered wagon with a stove in the back to keep warm. In high school,Edna was a cheerleader and also played clarinet in the band. After shegraduated in 1943, she worked as a teacher's baby sitter.

On August 7, 1949, Edna married a carpenter named NormanBerg. They lived in a house one mile from Karlstad. They have three children,my dad Mark, Matthew and Marlene. Edna has six grandchildren.

Soon after Edna and Norman were married, they started adrive-in restaurant called the Eleven Fifty-Nine, which was located alonghighways 59 and 11. They served hamburgers for 25 cents, pop for 10 cents,hot dogs for 15 cents and ice cream for 10 cents. When my dad was old enough,he kept the pop cooler full. When Edna and Norman had Marlene, they closedthe drive-in.

In 1976, Norman passed away from illness. Mark and Matthewcarried on his job as Berg Builders. They built houses for people in Karlstadand all over Northwest Minnesota.

After the drive-in closed, Edna went to work at the KarlstadMemorial Nursing Center, where she is still working today. She attendsFirst Lutheran Church in Karlstad and still lives in the same house shelived in when they were married. Edna lives by herself, except for a 120pound golden retriever named Max.

Edna, who does not drive, lives to travel with her sister,Alice Vik. This is one of her favorite hobbies. She also likes to sew,do needlework, watch movies, lawn work, make lefse, and play with her grandchildren.

In the fall, Grandma makes lefse and sells to people forThanksgiving and Christmas. She peels her potatoes the night before andis up at 5:00 a.m. making her lefse. She does this every day on the daysshe does not work up until Christmas Eve. She is known all around the areafor her lefse making.

The information was obtained by interviewing my Grandmother,Edna Berg.

was obtained by interviewing my Grandmother,Edna Berg.