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The Life Story Of

Gloria Singler Bernstrom


Charlie Bernstrom


6th Grade 1994, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


This is a life story about my Grandma, Gloria Singler Bernstrom. She lives in Lancaster, MN. Her husband, Morris Bernstrom died.

Gloria Singler was born on December 13, 1925 in Hallock,MN. She lived in Lancaster, MN in a white house on the west side of town. It was very hard for them to survive back then. Someone shot rabbits formost of their food. They didn't have any pets but they did raise a pigin the back yard. They never had a car so her Grandpa would come to townfrom Orleans and give them a ride in the spring when the roads were good. School was average for her so she did pretty good in school. When shewas in 2nd grade, they got hot lunches for the first time. Everybody hadto bring their own cups for hot chocolate. They served a sandwich withit. Her cup got broke and that was the only cup with a handle they hadat home. She cried so hard the teacher bought her a new one.

When she was in 6th grade, she started to work at a groceryowned by Fred Rupert. She used to baby sit for $.25 a night. That's howshe earned a second hand bike for $1.50. Her sister was going to take heron a bike ride the first day they had it. She stuck her foot in the wheeland that was the end of the bike. Her sister worked at another grocerystore in town. There were 17 people in her class. She graduated in 1944. Her brother and sister are Joe Singler who lives in Minneapolis, MN buthe just got a house in Park Rapids, MN. Her sister, Florence Singler livesin Park Rapids, MN. Florence is the oldest one, Gloria is the second oldest,and Joe is the youngest of them all.

Her parents were Joe and Alice Singler. When she was 19she got her first car. She got married to Morris Bernstrom in 1945. In1947, they moved their house from Humboldt to Lancaster. Some of the thingsthat happened to Lancaster were the hotel burned down on Main Street andHubert Humphrey came and spoke in Lancaster in 1954. Gloria is the momof Candy Nelson, the oldest, Jerry Bernstrom is the second oldest, and HollyKoop is the youngest. Gloria is Grandma to 9 children.


Gloria Singler Bernstrom

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