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Gordon L. Bernstrom


Mark Bernstrom


6th Grade 1996, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


I did my report on a local guy. His name is Gordon L.Bernstrom.

He was born on February 27, 1936 in a blizzard. He had3 sisters and 7 brothers. They all lived in a little white house. He wentto the Excelsior Poppleton Township school when he was a boy.

He got his first horse when he was 11 years old. He wouldride it to school and the horse would go back home but sometimes the horsewould wait for him.

He graduated in 8th grade and he went into the navy whenhe was 19 years old. He served two years in the navy and when he came backhe began to farm. Then he met a girl by the name of Joyce Beck. She wasa local girl.

Then they got married on August 3, 1963 in an old LancasterBaptist church. They had their first boy child named David oon February5, 1966, and their only girl, Carol, was born on October 9, 1967. Theymoved a half a mile down the road and he still kept farming. Then theirsecond boy, John, was born on July 6, 1978. Then they moved another halfa mile down the road and had their third child boy, Mark, who was born onJanuary 25, 1984.

Gordon's son, David, went to the navy and when he got outhe got married. Now he has a wife and a kid.

Carol got married and just a couple of days ago had a babyboy.

John is doing great in school and Mark is doing the same!

Joyce died in the year of 1990. It was a really hard timefor us. A year later Gordon married Kathy Torkolson. They got marriedon June 11, 1994. She moved up here and said this is the best country shehas ever seen.

Gordon Bernstrom still farms and he still raises cattle. He almost buys everything he needs in Kittson County. Going back to mygreat-grandpa, he was one of the first people that homesteaded east of Hallock. He had a son named August Bernstrom, which is my grandpa. My great grandpadied very young. My grandpa was one of the first white babies to be borneast of Hallock. Grandpa moved from east of Hallock to east of Lancasterto a little white house.

The little white house is still standing. We have ourreunions there. Gordon still has four brothers and two sisters. I wouldnever leave this country. This is the only place I will call home. Mydad farms the land that his mother's parents homesteaded. Some years whenthings do not go good my dad does not give up and he does not say, "Let'smove" - he just sticks in there.



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