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Hjalmer C. Blackberg


James Hallberg


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Hjalmer C. Blackberg was born in northwest Minnesota onMay 6, 1898. He was born on his dad's homestead in West Valley Township. Hjalmer's parents both came from Sweden. Hjalmer grew up on his parent'shomestead. There was always an adventure to do. They always liked to huntor trap, especially with guns. Some of his friends and companions wereWalter Larson, Gunnar Sundberg, Dan Ramstrad, Stanley Larson, Elvin Westman,and Oscar Amin.

Hjalmer went to school in an old one room school housewith an old wood stove and one through eighth grades. He went through firstthrough eighth grade and started when he was seven and quit when he waseighteen. He had to walk three miles to school.

When Hjalmer was twenty years old, he bought some landto farm on and some land to live on. His first car he bought was in 1917and it was a 1916 Maxwell which had a sprung rear end. Hjalmer had a hundredand sixty acres to farm wheat, corn, and sometimes, potatoes.

Hjalmer had many different cars, trucks, tractors, andmany farm implements. Some of his cars were 1915, 16, 20, and 25 Maxwellsand a 1924 Overland, 38 Chevrolet truck, 42, 38, 56, 57, 67, Plymouthsand a 49 Dodge truck which is still there today. Some tractors and implementswere a Hart-Parr 40 kerosene, two Cases 40 H.P., 5-10 Avery with Metz motor,McCormick-Deering, and a Cletrac that came from Roseau.

Some sheds and shacks that Hjalmer had were a brooder house,a garage, barn, chicken coop, and a house.

Hjalmer and Bertha were married around 1925. Hjalmer C.Blackberg was marrying Bertha Banken. They had three kids. They livedon their farm till 1968 and moved to Karlstad. They were farmers for a living. Pete Englund was the house mover. He came to get the house. Hjalmer hadmade a house from other he had torn down earlier.

Some of Hjalmer's hobbies are helping James invent newmotors, we have four already. But reading is what he does a lot. Somethings he likes to read are Popular Science, Successful Farming, and Reader'sDigest.

This information was given to me by my great-grandfather,Hjalmer C. Blackberg.

reat-grandfather,Hjalmer C. Blackberg.