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A Blessing In Disguise


Beth Boatz

He is a product of natures' imperfect handiwork. He isalso a perfect creature made according to God's plan. He is seriously handicappedphysically but is bountifully endowed with God-given talents. This man isWarren Reese.

Warren is a victim of sugar diabetes, which made it necessaryfor amputation of both legs and total blindness. He is presently at theHallock Nursing Home.

There are very few opportunities for a blind and crippledman to get a job. Warren hasn't had a job while handicapped because he hashad a barrier before him. To get a job a person has to be well physicallyas well as mentally and for handicapped people, this is hardly possible.This is the road block for the handicapped. These people have ambition andskills but are unable to apply them. Warren has great talent but, also,is unable to get a job.

Despite these handicaps, Warren still looks at the brightside of life. He manages to see through his sense of touch. He does a considerableamount of work with wood, creating many artistic designs. He makes and sellslamps, magazine racks, shelves, breadboards, and many other useful items.His masterpieces have traveled to almost every state in the United Statesand many places in Canada.

Warren has won many prizes at the Kittson County fair onthese items and many of them have been on display at Minneapolis, Minnesota.He also entered his works at the Hobby Show at the Humboldt School.

Before Warren came to the nursing home, he held a job forthree years running a restaurant in Pembina. When he became handicapped,he was forced to quit. He lived on a farm outside of Humboldt with his parentsand continued his farm work. In the winter he did a lot of mechanical work.His mother died in June 1962 and his father in April 1966. He then wentto the nursing home in Hallock and has been there for a year and a half.

In 1964, Warren got artificial stubs to walk with. Withthe aid of crutches, he is able to get around quite easily. He spends mostof his time in a wheel chair, although.

Warren was been severely handicapped for eight years andhas progressed further than a normal man in most cases. If it wasn't forhis handicap, Warren most likely wouldn't have progressed this far. Godgave him this life and he is doing everything to make the best of it.

everything to make the best of it.