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Robert B. Bockwitz


Devyn Bockwitz


6th Grade 1994, Hallock / Kennedy School,Kennedy, MN


Bob Bockwitz was born on June 2, 1946. He was born toVirgil and Vera Bockwitz. They had a farm in Humboldt. When my dad gotolder, he helped his dad feed the pigs and also the chickens. In 1967,he graduated from Humboldt School. When he left, he got an airplane andflew for a few years. He married Judy and lived in Hallock. He had a newjob, he was a photographer. He had his own place down in the basement. They had a girl.

When he got divorced, he moved in with his parents andstayed with them for a while. When he was with his parents, he sprayedwith his airplane. He farmed with his dad. They farmed wheat and otherthings. When beet season opened he drove a beet truck. He shot a lot ofguns. Then he met Kris Laude in Kennedy.

In 1980, they married and had a boy. In 1984, they boughta house in Humboldt. Dad got the whole family a jotbox for when the familycomes for a family get together. He bought another airplane to spray thefields. He got a hangar for his airplane. In 1988 or in 1989, he divorcedand Devyn lived with his mom for a winter and then went back to his dad. Dad made me a sprint car to drive on a track in the back yard. Dad worksat Motor Coach Ind. He drives buses to Winnipeg and back. Dad is a prettygood shot. We shoot a lot at home.

shoot a lot at home.