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Mrs. Phillip Cameron


Louise McConachie


Alvina Cameron was born 1919, in Emerson, Manitoba. Herparents were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Waltman. She had 5 sisters and 2 brothers. They all lived in Emerson for a few years.

Her favorite pets were cats. She had many of them. Herfavorite sport was baseball. That was one of the only sports they playedback then. She loved to go outside and play it with the other kids forhours.

She had a very happy childhood, even though her parentsdied when she was only 3 years old. She had no frightening memories ofher younger years as so many people do.

She went to a country school in Canada. After she wasdone with school, she worked in a dentist's office for a little while.

Then one day in 1935 she met Phillip Cameron. He was oneof the hired men working on Ray Wilwant's farm over in Pembina, N.D.

They were married in Cavalier, N.D. on April 10, 1938.

She had 2 children and 5 grandchildren. Both of her daughtersare now living in St. Vincent, MN.

The oldest daughter is a housewife and raises and sellsdifferent kinds of birds part time. She sells them only during the summer. The other daughter works in the St. Vincent School as a teacher's aide.

They were safe from the water where they lived with thefloods came. The first year they had water in their basement. When anotherflood came, there wasn't any water at all in their house.

She and her husband now live in St. Vincent. They areraising cows and chickens. They sell cream and eggs for a living.

They get up at 6:00 in the morning and work until about5:30. They stop at 12:00 and eat. Then they stay in the house until 3:30. Then they go out again and work until 5:30.

Mrs. Cameron sews for her grandchildren and other peopleto pass her time away. She babysits and she also does a lot of gardeningin the summertime, plus all her farm chores. When she gets a chance, shelikes to watch T.V. too. She is an ardent fan of the afternoon soap operas. Somehow, she always finds time to watch them.

My grandmother is a busy woman with many projects. Shehas worked hard all her life and has enjoyed it. She is still as busy asshe was as a young woman, but finds time to relax and enjoy her childrenand grandchildren. She has led a full life since the times she ran on thebaseball diamond in Emerson.


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ip, St. Vincent, MN, Interview, January21, 1974