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Mr. Phillip Cameron


Christine McConachie


Mr. Cameron was born in 1923. He was raised in St. Vincent. He also went to school in St. Vincent. The snow banks were about 10 feethigh. He had to walk to school.

Transportation was usually by horse and buggy or ridinga horse.

He worked in the field with horses. A steam engine wasused to pull and run the threshing machine. In those days, a steam enginewas a tractor run by water. That would make the threshing machine move. He had to pull it with the tractor. The threshing machine was used likea combine that would throw the straw out.

In the fall, after harvest, big piles of straw were leftstanding in the fields. So, in the winter they got covered with snow. He would get the threshing machine, it stood still and threw out the straw,and that's how the straw piles were made. They got very high.

Heat for the house was coal. Oil lamps were used for lights. Lanterns were kerosene lamps. They were used for the barn.

They packed ice in a building and covered it with saw dustso the ice would last through the summer. It was later used in an iceboxwhich held the block of ice so they could put food in it and it would keepcold.

He had an ice cream freezer and remembered sitting outsideturning it to make homemade ice cream.

He went blueberry and chokecherry picking in the summerto make jelly to last all winter. They would pick them in the forest behindhis house where he used to live. They made their own skating rink by theirhouse in the winter time.

The water was hauled in barrels on the sleighs pulled byhorses.

For music, they used a phonograph. They had to crank itup before it would go.

The first car he owned was a 1928 model A Ford. The carswere made high. They had to crank it to start it. It looked small on theoutside but kind of big inside. How, he lives on a farm. He lived on afarm all his life.


Cameron, Phillip, St. Vincent, MN, Interview, January 23,1974

. Vincent, MN, Interview, January 23,1974