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Grandmother Carlson


Chad Carlson


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My Grandmother was born January 16, 1929 in Mercy Hospitalin Thief River Falls. She lived seven miles north of Thief River for eighteenyears.

When she was growing up she had to walk one half mile toschool in storms, rain. It seem so much colder and lots more snow thanwe do now.

They burned wood and coal for heat, had to carry in waterand heat it on the stove. Melted snow to wash clothes, and had to washclothes in a big tubs and rub them on a rubbing board. Hung them out todry in the winter and summer. They didn't have any electricity, had lamps. Her dad died when she was eight years old. He got hurt in a threshingmachine.

Her Grandmother and Grandfather moved to help take careof the farm and her mother had to go out and work.

Couple years after her mother got married again and shehad two children. My Grandmother had to take care of them for her motherstill worked out.

Grandma had to cook, clean, wash clothes, cook for threshingmen and she was only fifteen years old.

Later years she went to work for other people doing housework. When she was eighteen they sold the farm and moved to town. In 1951,she got married to Bruce Carlson. He was a mechanic. She had seven children. They moved around a lot.

In 1969, she went to work for Arctic in Karlstad makingsnowcat hoods and sewing later.

In 1977, my Grandpa got killed on a caterpillar when itfell on him.

She got married again in 1977, then the Arctic plant closed. Worked there twelve years.

She started washing hospital laundry in 1982. Later inthe fall got a job housekeeping in the hospital. She has worked there foreleven years. She has nineteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

dchildren and three great grandchildren.