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Pioneer Chale - Lover Of Horses


Theresa Twamley


George Chale was born September 19, 1896. He was bornin an old log cabin near Bathgate, North Dakota. His parents had five boysand five girls in their family. One girl died at birth. Deaths weren'tvery well recorded then, so there is no record of this death.

Mr. Chale says that the only work activities that he didas a boy related to farming. He earned money by milking cows. He had hobbiesand other interests, too. His hobby was running horses. He did this almostevery day. As a farm boy he was expected to do daily chores. He playedbaseball a lot when there was nothing else to do.

His education was limited. He started school in the firstgrade, and went to school until sixth grade. He attended Carter Schoolmany years ago. Mr. Chale attended the Mechanics School at Fargo to learnabout mechanics.

The equipment at Carter School was scarce. for work, Mr.Chale learned to do Arithmetic, History, Spelling, and Geography. In thisschool, they also had recess. They often played a game called Scotch andIrish. It was played with sticks. This was made up by the school children.

Mr. Chale has had many interesting experiences like traveling. He traveled now and then. His travels weren't to other countries but toother states.

Mr. Chale married Blanche La Lone of Winnipeg. After hismarriage, he continued farming in the Bathgate area. Mr. and Mrs. Chalehad three children. One boy and two girls. They also attended Carter Schoolthrough the eighth grade.

He retired from farming in 1967 and moved to Pembina wherehe now lives. Since then, he has done some fishing and camping. His childrenare grown up and all married now. He is still very active, even at theage of seventy-seven.

Mr. Chale's main interest in life was to make his lifesuccessful by farming.


Chale, George, Interview in February, 1974. Subject: Hislife, Pembina, North Dakota