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Grandma Chale, Skillful Upholsterer


Carnalee Cleem

Sixth Grade


Catherine Chale, my grandmother, was born in 1911 at Bathgate,North Dakota.

Her parents were Jerome and Catherine Hollinger. In Catherine'sfamily there are three sisters and three brothers.

Catherine's father was a dray man, in Bathgate, North Dakota.He hauled freight to the different businesses in town.

When the children got older, grandma's mother worked atthe State School for the Blind at Bathgate.

Catherine attended both elementary and high school in Bathgate.When Catherine was in the first grade on the first day of school she didn'twant to go. So, a neighbor girl had to pull her by the hand to get her there.After high school, she attended Mayville State Teachers College.

Then she began her career as a teacher at a country schoolnear Bathgate. She taught grades one through eight for two years. She hadto walk a mile to school.

In 1933, Catherine got married to Antoine Chale. They boughtland and farmed.

Their two children were named Catherine Jane, and Rodney.

During World War II, Grandma and her family moved to Longview,Washington, in the year 1943. At Longview, Catherine's husband worked ata cardboard factory. Then, in the summer of 1943, Catherine and her familymoved back to the farm. The following year, Catherine and family moved toUtah were both she and her husband worked for the U.S. Navy at Clearfield.

Later, Grandma and her family moved to Pembina, so thetwo children could get to a school easier.

During that time, Grandma worked in Henneman's store. Inthe 1950 flood, she had to go to and from work in a boat, because the streetswere covered with water. They kept the water out of the store by sand bagging.They also had a pump running all the time. Grandma had to help move themerchandise to the top shelves just in case water got in the store.

For recreation in the winter time, Catherine lived on theriver bank so she skated. In the summer time she roller skated.

My grandma does upholstery work. She is very good at it.She earns a lot of money doing this hobby.

Grandma's philosophy of life is, "Be honest, so peoplewill trust you."


Chale, Catherine, Bathgate, North Dakota, Interview, February12, 1975

hgate, North Dakota, Interview, February12, 1975