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Churches of The Red River Valley


Terry Larson


This is a brief introduction of some of the churches thathave been organized and built in the Red River Valley many years ago. Mostof the churches are still standing on the exact spot that they were built. A few churches may have changed through the years, but most of the churcheshave stayed the same.


North Star Presbyterian Church


The North Star Presbyterian Church of the Joe River communitywas organized on 1901 and the church was built the following year. Thefirst minister of the church was Rev. Atchinson and other ministers includedReverends Campbell, Kelly, Test and Robertson. (1)


Poppleton Baptist Church


The reason for the Poppleton Baptist Church to be organizedwas that before this church was built, people held church in different placesevery Sunday for 28 years, so finally they got tired of it and decided tobuild a church where they could go to all the time, instead of going fromhouse to house every Sunday. In 1910, Mr. B. Sandberg of Kennedy donatedtwo acres for a church to be built, so on the following year, the churchwas erected. (2)


Bronson Union Church


The first thing that was organized for the Union Churchwas its Sunday School which was organized on March 24, 1915 and held indifferent homes until the Union Church was built.

Even though the Union churche's Sunday School classes wereorganized in March of 1915, the rest of the church was not organized untilAugust 14, 1915. The first officers of the Union Church were O. T. Danielson,president; A. E. Bobcock, vice president; G. D. Hemmingson, treasurer; SamVagle, secretary; and J. O. Battman, director.

A contract for the building of the original church whichwas to be 26 feet by 409 feet with a 12 foot studding, was let to Levi Larsonon December 4, 1915, at the price of 125 dollars for labor. The remodeledbuilding is worth 3,000 dollars. (3)


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