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Roy "Tiny" Clark


Brandon Clark


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My report is on Roy "Tiny" Clark. I picked himto write about because he was my dad's grandfather and my great-grandfather.

Roy's parents were David and Adeline Clark. He was bornMay 12, 1893 in Marshall County, Minnesota. As a boy, he lived on a farmnear Stephen. They raised cattle, grain and bees and Roy helped with thechores. He had four brothers: Charlie, Walter, Joe and Glen. He also hadthree sisters: Alvina, Amanda and Gladys.

Roy was married to Anna Rinkenberger in Stephen, Minnesota,in 1920. He had five children: Elmore, who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin;Clarence, who died many years ago; Marion, my great aunt, who lives in Karlstad;Marjorie, who died a few years ago; and Harley, my grandfather, who livesin Florida most of the time.

In June of 1935, he opened a gas station in Pelan whichis a few miles east of Karlstad. He sold pop and beer there. His stationwas called Tiny's Place. In about 1936, he moved his station to Karlstad,to the rear of Olson's Warehouse, the place where the laundromat is now. He opened a restaurant there and worked for a while. He left Karlstadand moved to Minneapolis where he worked for a while in a machine shop. In about 1945, he came back to Karlstad and retired.

Roy had a nickname, Tiny, but he was not tiny at all. He was a very big man and weighed over 300 pounds. He was so big and strongthat he could lift up cars that were stuck in the mud. There were manystories about how strong he was. One day he was out driving when he sawthat a tractor had tipped over on a man. Five men were trying to get himout. Tiny was able to lift the tractor up and the man was freed. Anotherstory was that if people would fight in his station, he would lift themup and throw them out the door.

I never knew Tiny. I have only seen a picture of him andheard the stories. Roy "Tiny" Clark died February, 28, 1951 atthe age of 57.



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