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The History Of

Raymond Harris Clinton




6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Raymond Clinton was born at his home southeast of Humboldt,MN on September 7, 1924. He was the second child of five born to Herb andLaura Clinton. He lived there until the age of eleven when he moved toa farm northeast of Lancaster, MN where he grew to manhood.

Raymond attended a country school until 8th grade becausethat's all the higher the grades went at country schools. He then joinedthe work force working for his uncle on a farm by Humboldt. His wages were$150 a month plus room and board. In the winter, he trapped fox and minkfor the hides to sell because he did not receive unemployment benefits. The winters of 1949-50, he was a lumberjack in the Northwest Angle. Theycut the trees down with bow saws instead of chain saws and used horses topull the trees to the landing.

He did this until he enlisted in the Marines on October24, 1951. He went through basic training for six weeks in San Diego, California. He was then stationed to Camp Pendelton, Oceanside, California. Raymondwas discharged on October 24, 1953. He moved back to the family farm nearLancaster.

On December 3, 1954, Raymond was united in marriage toMarilyn Coffield at Hallock, MN. They have lived near his parents homesince that time. Raymond and Marilyn raised six children.

Raymond and Marilyn purchased some land soon after marriageuntil they had eight hundred acres. Some of which he paid one dollar for. Today, this same land is worth up to two hundred dollars an acre.

Raymond was a heavy equipment operator for 25 years. Hedid land clearing, dug livestock ponds, and dug drainage ditches. Once,when the Red River was flooding, Raymond and another guy built a dike aroundthe town of Noyes, MN in 36 hours to keep it from flooding. He is now afull time farmer with 120 cattle.

Raymond's nationalities are English, Irish, Scottish, andFrench-Canadian. He sometimes jokes about the French-Canadian nationalitybeing Native American.

Raymond has seen a lot of changes in his life. The workthey did in a week now most people do in a day. He used to farm with horsesand thresh grain with a threshing machine. Now, they use four wheel drivetractors and big implement combines. They used to do a lot more physicallabor than now because of modern day equipment. They had to walk to countryschools instead of being bussed. They did not have running water, electricity,or telephones. They heated their houses with wood and they cut it withan axe instead of a chainsaw.

Raymond is an outdoors man. He enjoys hunting, fishing,and trapping, and is an active snowmobiler.

I got my information from Raymond Clinton and parts fromhis son and my dad, Gene Clinton.

ton and parts fromhis son and my dad, Gene Clinton.