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My Grandfather


Ryan Clow

6th Grade 1998, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


This story is about my Grandfather. He was born May 15,1937 in the hospital at Greenbush, MN.

He was raised on a farm four miles east and two miles northof Halma, MN with five brothers and one sister. He was the second to theoldest son. The sister was the youngest.

On the farm they raised cattle and sheep. They also hada pony that they rode. In the winter, they used to haul wood from the woodpileto the house.

When it rained, he used to go with his brother and neighborboys out to Two Rivers fishing. That's where he caught his first fish. In the fall, they used to hunt ruffled grouse and sharptail.

The first car he ever drove was a 1929 Ford Model A. Whenhe was about 6 or 7 years old, they used to drive it all over out in thefields. When he was older, they took off the body of the old car to makeit lighter and they drove through the brush and old trails. They even droveit out in the beach of Lake Bronson.

In the winter time, he wanted to go skiing but didn't haveany skies. So, he made some out of old boards but they didn't work verygood. So, his dad bought him a brand new pair and he skied all over andhunted. When they got older, he and neighbor boys got an idea to go fasteron skies. The neighbor boy got his dad's 1950 Mercury and they went outto Lake Bronson when the lake was frozen over and hooked a rope to the bumperof the car. They held on to the rope with the skies on and went acrossthe lake 50 m.p.h. It was pretty good. He wouldn't advise anybody to dothis.

He went to school in Halma the first seven years and thelast five years at Karlstad school where he graduated in 1955.

In the summer of 1954, he started working on bigger farmsby Kennedy and Hallock and in the fall of 1955 he started working in thewoods cutting pulpwood near Williams, MN.

Sometimes when he was hauling hay the hay rack would tipoff the sleigh and the horses would run home.


Got the information from My Grandfather.

Got the information from My Grandfather.