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Inez Clow


Bruce Ash


It was on a farm on September 13, 1906 a child was bornto Earl and June Babcock. Inez grew up with just one brother, Lloyd, whowas three years younger and now lives in Aurora, Minnesota. Lloyd farmedfor a living but now is retired. He is married and has three children.

Inez still remembers the night her father was driving theold Model T home in a rainstorm and drove right through the garage becausehe was going too fast to stop. Once, after a rainstorm, when was ridingwith her friend and her friend's dad in a convertible Cadillac, Inez flewout of the car and landed in a mud puddle after they hit a pig, but luckilynobody was hurt.

After the eighth grade, Inez attended North Hill School,which was southwest of Humboldt. Then she lived with her grandmother forthree years. After graduating from Humboldt, she attended college in Moorhead,Minnesota, and went at a rural school east of Kennedy, Minnesota, becauseshe didn't like teaching.

Inez was married to Walter Clow in Hallock in 1925. Theyhad one child, Lyle, who was born in 1925. Lyle farmed in Kittson Countyuntil 1972, then moved to Adams, North Dakota and became manager of theChemical Fertilizer Plant in Adams. Lyle is married and has four children.

One winter when a friend was in the hospital, Inez tookcare of her friend's five children, ranging from first grade through highschool.

Another winter, Inez and Walter went to California fora vacation and ran into all kinds of weather. Another time, they spentsix weeks in Florida with one of Inez's friends from school. They alsospent five weeks on the East Coast.

One night after Inez had filled the car with gas, she leftit on the edge of the road beside her house with the keys in it and a displacedGerman stole it. He was finally caught in San Francisco when he tried topawn some cameras he had stolen in Grand Forks. He told the police thathe hid their car in some trees by the railroad tracks in Grand Forks. Finally,their car was returned in good condition.

Some of Inez's hobbies are: crocheting, stamp collecting,and collecting dolls. Inez has about sixty dolls, some new and some upto seventy five years old. She has about three thousand stamps from allcountries.

Inez also helped raise rabbits for two years and has hadover one hundred at times. Inez also likes cats and she now has a Siamesecat.


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