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Eleanor Dahlin

My Grandmother


Ashley Dahlin


6th Grade 1998, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Eleanor was born October 21, 1931 in a small town calledPetersburg, ND. She had one sister and three brothers. They lived on afarm and raised cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, sheep and turkeys. Herparents names were Einer and Esther Skold. Eleanor went to first gradein Petersburg and then the family moved to Mekionock, ND. She attendedgrades two through eight there.

Her parents always planted a big garden. Her job was topick and clean the vegetables for meals.

One summer when she was about eleven years old, 50 turkeyswere ordered. The deal was that if she took care of the turkeys, she wouldget the money for them when the family sold them in town. With that money,she got a piano. She took lessons from her teacher at recess time.

Being the only girl for five years, she had to do a lotof chores. They included churning butter, cleaning house, washing dishes,and helping to wash clothes. She also had to bring lunch out to the fieldand in harvesting time the field was quite close so she could just walkthere.

The milk and the cream was separated and brought into townin exchange for groceries. The five kids each got a nickle and a pennyusually buying an ice cream cone or penny candy.

Her family always had cats and one special dog. The dogfollowed her dad into the field and one day, while he was mowing, the doggot its leg caught in the blade. They bandaged it up and the dog ran onthree legs after that.

She went to high school in 1949. Wanting to be a teacher,she attended Mayville State College for one year. There, she met Dean Dahlin(my grandpa) and were married in 1950. She and her husband moved to Fortuna,ND and taught school for several years there. The classes she took wereelementary education and library science. During this time, she went tosummer school and took college classes.

In 1958, they moved to Towner, ND where she taught in aone room country school with only 15 students in grades one through eight. In 1960, they moved to Buxton, ND where she taught grades one and two forone year while my grandpa went to Mayville State College. In 1961, theymoved to Karlstad, MN where they both taught school. My grandpa was theprincipal and my grandma was a teacher. In 1995, my grandma retired.

They had four children:

Cheryl - born in 1950

Greg (my Dad) born in 1956

Kevin - born in 1958

Blaine - born in 1967


They currently have 6 grandchildren.

She is now a volunteer of the Karlstad Community.

I got my information from my grandmother, Eleanor Dahlin.

=+1>I got my information from my grandmother, Eleanor Dahlin.