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Eleanor Dahlin


Travis Dahlin


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN

The Life of Eleanor Dahlin

Eleanor Dahlin was born on October 24, 1931 in Petersburg,ND. She has three brothers and one sister. She lived on a farm and hadcattle, horses, pigs, sheep, and chickens.

In the first grade, she went to school in Petersburg. Then, her family moved to a farm by Meckinock, ND. Her next seven yearsof school were spent in a one room country school. She and her brothershad to walk one and a half miles to school. In the winter when roads wereblocked, her dad took them to school with horses and a sleigh. For highschool, she attended Gillby High School. After school, instead of helpingin the fields, she helped her mother with the house work. Her family hadto fit in one car. She never drove a car until she was married.

After graduation from high school, she attended MayvilleState College for one year. The following summer, in 1950, she and DeanDahlin were married in Grand Forks, ND. They moved to Fortuna, ND and boughta house. She taught in the elementary school for 5 years. That year, 1951,a daughter, Cheryl, was born. In 1956, a son, Gregory, was born. In 1958,she and her family moved to Towner, ND. That year, a son, Kelvin, was born. The following year she taught school in a one room country school by Towner.

The next year, 1960, they moved to Buxton, ND where shetaught grade one and two. While she taught in Buxton, her husband attendedMayville College to get his teaching degree.

In 1961, her family moved to Karlstad, MN where she beganteaching grades 5 and 6. Through the next several years she continued collegeclasses and graduated in 1969 with a B.S. degree in elementary education.

A son, Blaine, was born in 1966. In Karlstad, she taughtin grades 3 - 6, and now she is on her 40th year of teaching school. Shehas four grandchildren, and one step grandchild.

In her spare time, she likes to crochet afghans and read. Sometimes on nice evenings, she likes to go for walks or bike rides.

That is Eleanor Dahlin's life, my grandma.

Information provided by my Grandmother, Eleanor Dahlin.

ed by my Grandmother, Eleanor Dahlin.