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Grandma DeLisle


Philip Haugard


6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Her parents were Helmer and Mabel Undeberg. She livedon a farm northeast of Halma which was the home place of her grandparents.

On the farm there were many animals, cows, pigs, horses,geese, ducks, turkeys and chickens.

When her dad did the milking in the evening, she and hersister each had a tin cup that they would have filled with fresh warm milk. She remembers a bad experience with a mother goose when they would tryto pick up one of her babies. One day my grandma got too close and thegoose got a hold of her coat and hung on while she ran crying to the house.

Some of the games they played were, tag, hide and go seek,anty-I-over, kitton ball, pom pom pull away, checkers, dominoes, and cardgames.

She liked to read a lot of books. Her favorites were trueadventure stories like "Call of the Wild."

She belonged to the Halma Ideal 4-H Club which was justorganized when she joined. Some of her projects were sewing, health, safety,and foods.

The most fun time at school was play day. Kids from otherschools would come to compete in ball games, sack races, relay races, andlots of other contests. At noon, they would have a picnic lunch.

Some good memories were when she stayed with her grandmotherwho lived a mile away from home. He grandma was always busy cooking anddoing lots of stuff outdoors.

She liked when her grandma made jelly and sauce from berriesthey had picked. A treat at her grandma's was thick cream and brown sugaron home made white bread. She always had lemon drops candy and peppermintswhich she liked to take extra to put in her pocket.

Grandma had one brother and one sister and they all rodethe school bus from Halma to Karlstad to go to high school. They all graduatedfrom high school there.

Grandma worked in the Spilde Store until she got marriedand then lived in Stephen.

She married Francis DeLisle on February 26, 1944. Theyhave five children: three girls, Maureen, Susan, and Gayle, and two boys,Daniel and David. She has nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June with large celebrationwith family and friends.

I got my information from my grandma DeLisle.

got my information from my grandma DeLisle.