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Norma Lund De Vore


Deanna Lund


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My aunt, Norma Lund, was born in Donaldson on February8, 1927. Her parents are Norris and Margaret (Kalin) Lund. She was theoldest of fourteen children. She has eight sisters: Phyllis, Gloria, Anita,Geraldine, Patsy, Joy, Sandra, and Karen. She has five brothers: Russell,Donald, Dennis, Barry, and my dad, Larry. They are all living except Russell.

She went to school in Donaldson for first and second grade. Then, she moved to Karlstad and went to school there for third and fourthgrades. She stayed with her grandparents in Donaldson and went to schoolthere for fifth grade. Next, she moved to a farm in Springbrook Townshipand went to a country school for sixth and part of seventh grade. She finishedseventh grade in Kennedy. While she was in Kennedy, she stayed with heraunt and uncle. She went back to Karlstad from eighth grade till when shegraduated in 1944.

While growing up, she had chores such as picking berries,doing dishes, and ironing. For entertainment, she played games, such as,blindman's bluff. She listened to the radio and put together puzzles. On Saturday nights she went to town. She used to walk across the swampto visit he girlfriend. When she was ten years old she got lost in thewoods looking for cows. She yelled but nobody answered. She went the wrongdirection and ended up at their neighbors farm. They took her home.

In 1942, my aunt Norma worked in Grand Marais for her unclewho owned some cabins. She helped clean cabins in the summer. In 1943,she worked for the telephone company. Also, in her senior year of 1944she worked at the telephone company after school. One day she rode herbicycle to the telephone company and a dog came running after her. It toreher off her bicycle and tried to bite her feet, but it couldn't bite throughthe shoes. A man heard the commotion and got rid of the dog. She was scaredso she went to her Grandma Anderson's house and left her bike with her grandma.

After she graduated she went with her dad and her uncleon a greyhound bus to San Francisco. Her dad worked at a shipyard. Sheworked at a Department Store. From San Francisco, she moved to Sausalito. Then she moved back to San Francisco where she lived with a family. Shelived in Golden State Park and took care of their children.

One time when my Aunt Norma was coming to Minnesota, onthe train to visit, she ran into her sister Geraldine in the diner car inWashington. She only intended on visiting in Minnesota but ended up staying. She went to Minneapolis in February of 1952, met Al, and married him. She worked in Minneapolis for five years. She left her job in 1957 andsometime after her first son, Mike, was born. They lived in Minneapolisfor two more years.

Then they moved to St. Louis, Missouri. Next, they movedto Boise, Idaho where her second son, Pat, was born. They moved to Hayward,California next where the last son, Jeff, was born. In 1969, she startedworking at a post office in Haywood. At the post office she met a man whomarried a lady from Halma. She retired from the post office in Haywoodon June 30, 1990. In 1991, Norma and her husband, Al, moved to Pocatello,Idaho.

Norma and Al still live in Pocatello, Idaho. Norma hastwelve brothers and sisters still living today. Her oldest brother, whowas in the service, died on August 13th 1964. The plane he was in crashedover Japan. There were eleven men on the plane. Four of the men lived,but seven men died. Norma is now retired and enjoys reading and sewing. Norma comes to Minnesota and visits once a year or once every two years.

I got my information from Norma De Vore.


I got my information from Norma De Vore.