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The Great Years Of My Grandma

Beverly June Deere


Jordan Lofstrom


6th Grade 1998

Hallock/Kennedy School, Kennedy, MN


My grandma was born in 1931 at her parents farm near Hallock,Minnesota. Her parents were Louie and Dorothy Deere. She was the thirdout of five children. They named her Beverly June Deere.

About the first thing she remembers in her life was whenshe was about 3 years old and she accidentally cut off her finger. Shewas carrying a heavy flat iron that they used for ironing clothes and fellwith it and it left the finger just hanging by the skin. They wrapped herhand in a dish towel and rushed her to the doctor. He cut off the restof the skin and didn't even try to sew it back on. She says she doesn'tmiss it! The strange thing about it was that she didn't even cry, but hersister did. (My grandma was tough then and still is).

She started school when she was about 6 years old in firstgrade in Hallock but only went about a month and then their family movedto a farm near Kennedy. (It was quite a coincidence because they movedinto the house that my neighbor, Vivian Ryden Jacobson just moved out of).

Grandma enjoyed growing up on a farm. They had a few cows,two work horses that she would ride, chickens, pigs, geese, cats, and dogs. One of her jobs was to herd the cattle and she got to do this riding horseback. She didn't mind that job at all. Sometimes the cattle would wander offand eat some French weed and then the milk would taste awful. She didn'tlike that! Another job she had was pulling up the hay when they were makinghay stacks. They didn't have balers then so they always made huge hay stacks. Some of the workers raked the hay into rows and others would take a tractorwith an attachment in the front of it and they would push the hay over tothe stack where there was a piece of equipment that would throw it up onthe stack. There was a horse hitched up to this and when the horse pulledon a rope the hay went up on top of the stack. All grandma had to do waslead it back. She had the easy job because she was just a kid! She saidit was always hot when haying time came around.

Summers were fun because she had quite a few cousins closeby that liked to come and stay at the farm. She and her cousins would usethe hay racks as playhouses. She said they all had good imaginations. They would pretend to be some of the characters that they listened to onthe radio. They didn't have T.V.'s back then! They had soap operas backthen but you could only hear them, not see them. She thinks the reasonthey are called soap operas is because they always advertised soap. UsuallyOxydol or Rinso or Dreft. Sometimes they would play in the hay loft. That was the upstairs in the barn where hay was stored. There were holesin the floor above the mangers and then the hay was just dropped throughthe holes into the manger for the cattle and horses to eat.

When grandma was about 9 years old, her older sister wasgoing to teach her how to drive the car. They got in the car out by thebarn and were going to drive up to the house. When they got to the house,they just kept going and crashed into the corner of the house. It smashedthe front end of the '41 Ford which was fairly new. That ended the drivinglessons for a few years.

Grandma went to all twelve years of school in Kennedy. At that time the school was a two story building on Highway 75 just southof the community center. After graduating from high school, she went toMoorhead State Teachers College which is now MSU. After graduating fromcollege, she taught 3rd grade at Barnsville, MN for 1 year. The next 4years she taught 3rd grade at Kennedy. While teaching at Kennedy, she marriedDavid Lundberg, a farmer. She kept teaching for two years after they weremarried and then she quit to be a "farmers wife." Cooking, runningerrands, etc..

In 1959, Grandma and Grandpa adopted a baby boy. Theynamed him Mark David. Two years later they adopted a baby girl they namedLaurie Jean (my Mom). These were fun years for the family with all theactivities involved with pre-schoolers, then grade school and high school. Summers were spent working and when there was free time they all enjoyedcamping.

When my Mom was in kindergarten, they just had it for 4weeks in the spring. There was an afternoon session for half the classand a morning session for the other half. My grandma was the kindergartenteacher so my Mom went to both sessions. That way she got to know all thekids in her class instead of just half of them.

After Mark and my Mom graduated from high school, Grandmaand Grandpa did some traveling during some of the winter months. Eventually,they bought a mobile home in Mesa, Arizona. This was fun for me becauseI got to go out there three different times. If was fun to be able to swimin the winter time. My Grandpa died last year but my Grandma still goesout to Arizona for three months in the winter time. She likes to miss afew months of the cold weather but says she really misses her grandchildrenwhen she's gone.

My grandma lives in Kennedy the rest of the year. Shehelps my uncle with farming and other things. My uncle had a diving accidentabout 10 years ago and is in a wheelchair but he still farms. This summergrandma drove truck, did mechanical work and drove just about every pieceof machinery on the farm. She also likes to have her grand kids come andstay. She always has time for us!

All information came from Beverly Lundberg (my Grandma).

or us!

All information came from Beverly Lundberg (my Grandma).