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Who I Admire The Most

Minnie Elfstrom


Abby Elfstrom


6th Grade 1998, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


I admire my Grandma. Her name is Minnie Elfstrom. Letme tell you about when she was little up to right now.

Minnie was born on March 2nd, 1924 in Baudette, Minnesota. She lived on a little farm with a family of twelve. She had four brothersand five sisters. When Minnie was little, she entertained herself mostlyby building forts, making mud pies, and just playing with her brothers andsisters.

Minnie left school after seventh grade. She had to helpout at home and go find a job. She worked on a farm for George Magnisonin Lake Bronson for two years. Minnie stayed there until 1938. After shewas done working there, she moved to Lancaster, Minnesota.

Minnie's maiden name was Minnie Porter. She got marriedin 1941 to Sam Elfstrom. He was a blacksmith who grew up in Lancaster. His birthday is October 4, 1916. Same and Minnie got married on her birthday- March 2, 1941. When they got married, they moved to Chicago where theirfirst child was born. They lived in Chicago for three years then movedback to Lancaster in 1944. Minnie had four children, two girls and twoboys.

Minnie owned a restaurant from 1960 - 1961. Then she workedat a liquor store from 1966 - 1989.

Sam died in 1988 which is ten years ago. He died froman aneurysm. Minnie never married again after he died. We go to the graveyardand put flowers by my Grandpa's grave every year. I was two years old whenhe died so I don't really remember anything about him.

Minnis is seventy-four years old and at this time is stillliving in Lancaster. She has lived in Kittson County for about fifty-nineyears. Minnie has a good attitude. She can be funny and nice most of thetime - well, I guess I should say all the time because I've never reallyseen her mad before.

If I don't have anything to do, I can walk over to my Grandma'shouse and visit with her. I only live a football field away from her. She tells me I look like her when she was little. When I am at her house,I help her out with things. I do stuff like rake, water flowers, shovel,clean house, bake, feed her cat, mow, and plant vegetables. My Grandmapays me for the things I do even though I tell her not to. If I need someoneto talk to, she is always there for me. My Grandma takes me places to goshopping if I need to buy something and my Mom and Dad are busy. I havea lot of fun with her. We both help each other out in many different ways. Well, that is my Local History Report about my Grandma, Minnie Elfstrom.


Interview - Minnie Elfstrom.


Interview - Minnie Elfstrom.