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The One And Only Life Of:

Samuel Filmore Elfstrom


Nicki Elfstrom


6th Grade 1995, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


Samuel Elfstrom's mother and father, Paul Elfstrom andAnnie Glad immigrated from Sweden long before Samuel was even born. Theywere married on August 11, 1908 in Little Falls, Minnesota.

Samuel was the fourth child born in a family of eight. He was born in 1916 in Lancaster, Minnesota. In his family he had fourbrothers: Willard, Harris, Evert, and Floyd Elfstrom. He also had threesisters: Idie, Hildur, and Marlys Elfstrom.

He had to wake up early every morning to be to school ontime. Also to do some chores around the house before his long journey ofsix miles of walking to school. He and his sister, Marlys, were the onlyones out of his family to graduate and earn their diploma.

When he was about 23, he would go and cut down trees withhis brother, Willard, and father, Paul. He would also build houses withthem, too.

On March 2, 1941, he was married to Minnie Porter. Theyhad four children: Paulette, Jimmy, Roger, and Debbie Elfstrom.

In 1941, they moved to Chicago until 1943, then moved backto Lancaster, Minnesota. While they were there, their first child, Paulette,was born. When he was there, he started out working there in a candy factoryfor 50 cents an hours. Then later found a job working in a factory on anassembly line.

Then, in 1969, he went to the Bahamas to live and workfor another three years. But this time his family didn't go to live withhim, but they did go visit him once or twice. His job there was to weldstuff and to fix almost anything that needed to be fixed.

Later, when he came back to Lancaster, he worked for thecity. Before, he worked for August Linquest.

In 1988, he died from a blood clot. He was 72 years old.

Interviewed: Minnie Elfstrom

T SIZE=+1>Interviewed: Minnie Elfstrom