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Energy Crisis Prior To The Energy Crisis


Brian Cote


In the Red River Valley the Pioneers had no idea that goodfarm land and wildlife would ever be scarce. People who lived in the RedRiver farming area did a few things to use up a lot of our resources. Mostof the people didn't realize that they were doing it at the time.

On the farm they would take tooks and cut trees for theirfuel. Some people used kerosene. Most people who lived on the farm usedwood for wood stoves. In the winter time they used a lot of wood. Theycut down a lot of trees that didn't get replanted.

Around the early 1900's, some people in the Red River Valleymade their own fuel. They went out and got dried horse or cattle manureand made a cubic foot slab. They put it in the furnace for fuel. It probablydidn't have the greatest odor in the world, but it worked. Today, we don'thave to use this method of heating our homes. Today, we use oil, gas, coalor electric heat.

Why did out natural resources become scarce. People aroundthe Red River Valley didn't realize the declining use of our natural resources. The natural resources became scarce because of over-populaton through theyears.

In 1945, people conserved rich farming lands by rotationof crops. Rotation of crops is to avoid growing the same crop on the sameland year after year. A lot of farmers fertilized their crops with cattleand horse manure. This kept the nitrogen and the natural minerals in thesoil.

It takes nature several hundred years to build an inchof topsoil. But erosion can wash or blow away this inch in a few yearsor even weeks. Rain falling on one acre of sloping land can wash away asmuch as sixty truckloads a year. Many farmers long ago contour plowed. Contour plowing is when a farmer plows his farrow across a slope. Today,every good farmer practices this method of farming.

ices this method of farming.