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The Person I Admire Most

Kathy Engstrom


Stephanie Engstrom


6th Grade 1998, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


The person I admire most is my Mom, Kathy Engstrom. Shewas the youngest daughter of Gussie and Babe Swanson of Lake Bronson, Minnesota. She lived and went to school there until it closed in 1968. When the schoolclosed, she went to the school in Karlstad, Minnesota. She spent her senioryear there.

As a child, she enjoyed many activities. Some of her favoriteswere, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, riding bike, and she thoroughlyenjoyed swimming. She would often play dolls and paper dolls with her neighborsand they would occasionally put on little plays and play circus. Also,she would sometimes put up lemonade stands for the people "just passingby."

When Kathy was in school, she enjoyed playing in the band. She played the clarinet in both the band and the marching band. She wasalso in chorus and was a cheer leader. Her favorite subjects were Englishand speech. She was also on the debate team.

Kathy married Bruce Engstrom on June 7th and they willhave been married 29 years in June. They met at a dance in Hallock. Whenthey got married they lived in Hallock for a while. After that they livedin a trailer house on Bruce's parents' land. On February 5, 1970, theyhad their first child, Christopher. Christopher lived with Bruce and Kathyand then, four years later, they had another baby. She was born on March22, 1974. Then, 10 years later, they had Nicole on April 30, 1984. Theywere living in their parents old house then. Two years after that, April11, 1986, I, Stephanie was born. Kathy says that she enjoys raising kidsbecause they add joy to your life, enrich your days, and it's an unforgettablechallenge.

Some of Kathy's previous jobs were, waitressing, workingat the jewelry store in Hallock, the law office, and farming. When shewas in high school, she was a waitress, and she cleaned her neighbor's house. Kathy has been working at the school for 7 years now. She has worked asan aide in different classes. She says she likes to work with kids, andthat it's also nice to have the same schedule as her kids.

Some influences in her life were her Mom and Dad, grandmaand grandpa, father-in-law, and sister-in-law. The way that they influencedher were through honesty, and strong work and maternal ethics. They alsotaught her about strong family ties, and she frequently cooked with hermom and sister-in-law.

Kathy has been through both happy and sad times. She recallsthat one of the happiest times was when she found out she was going to bea Grandma. She also thinks that the hardest year was 1992. The reasonfor this is because that was the year that she lost her mom, her father-in-law,and uncle. She also had cancer and had to have surgery.

As you can probably see, she has had quite a life. I admireher not only because she is such a strong person but that she can continueto be strong, even through hard times. Her motto in life is "get overit." She certainly goes by her motto and I try to.

I received this information from Kathy Engstrom.

on from Kathy Engstrom.