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The Kittson County Enterprise


Larry Seed


Newspapers are a medium of communication. Every communityneeds a paper to record the development of its area.

In l882, W.F. Wallace started the Kittson County Enterprise.This is where the Ben Franklin Store now stands. Wallace owned it for afew years and then sold it to Edward Love. Love operated it for a few yearsalso and then sold it to J. Bouvette in 1893 Mr. Bouvette served this countywith the news until his death in 1945; a total of fifty-two years.

When Joseph died, Clifford and Calvin inherited the Enterprise. Clifford, alone operated the Enterprise for five years. Then Calvin tookthe position of business manager.

When the Enterprise started, all they had was a Washingtonhand press. Of course, the type was hand set. They also had a small jobpress.

At first, there were about three hundred subscribers. Whenthey would see another subscriber walk in, they nearly frowned at him. Thereason being that meant one more paper to press out with the hand press,which was a hard and time taking job.

From the Washington hand press, they bought a flat-bedpress operated by a gasoline engine. This was a great improvement overthe Washington hand press. This took about 72 hours. A few years later,they bought another press. This one only takes about an hour and a halfto print all the papers.

In Kittson County, there used to be a Donaldson, Pelan,and the St. Vincent paper. Now, the ones left are: The Kennedy Star, TheLake Bronson Budget, and the Karlstad Advocate.

e Karlstad Advocate.