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My Grandpa

Orin W. Fick


Molly Peterson


6th Grade 1995, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


My grandpa's name was Orin W. Fick. He was born on November29, 1916 near Jamestown, North Dakota. He was one of six children bornto Charles and Nora Fick. He had two sisters and three brothers includinga twin named Orval.

His family moved to Webster, South Dakota when he was ayoung boy. He played high school football and graduated from Webster HighSchool. One of his first jobs as a teenager was working in a bowling alley. His job was to set up the wooden pins by hand.

He joined the army and went into France after D-Day. Hewas at the Breakout of Normandy. Grandpa also served in General GeorgePatten's 3rd Army at the Battle of the Bulge. He crossed the Rhine Riverand headed into Austria. Grandpa was a sergeant in the Artillery. Theyused 155 mm guns which were quite large. His unit was sent in to give helpto other units when they needed it. He received a bronze star for bravery. Grandpa never said much about the army and his experiences after he camehome. He did say that he was proud to serve his country.

After the war, he married Carleen Ohlson. They had fourchildren, Marti, Gayle, Daviette, and John.

Grandpa worked for Red Owl grocery stores for many years. He started out as a meat cutter and became district manager for many stores. They lived in several cities including Minneapolis, Austin, Mitchell, GrandForks, and Fargo. Eventually, he bought his own grocery store in ElbowLake and another in Bagley, Minnesota. He retired in 1976.

Grandpa loved golfing, fishing, and taking care of hisbig lawn. He also enjoyed barbecuing supper. In fact, you could see himbarbecuing supper every night from spring late into fall.

I remember him giving my brother and me rides in a wagonthat he pulled behind his riding lawn mower. I also remember playing inhis big back yard that was full of evergreens. He spent a lot of time withmy brother and me and he could always make us laugh by teasing us or tellingus jokes. Grandpa also had a little pet dog named Poochie who followedhim wherever he went and even took naps with him.

Grandpa retired and went to live in California where heenjoyed playing golf everyday. He passed away in 1991 from a heart attack.

Interviewed: John Fick, Marti Langer, and Daviette Peterson

ck, Marti Langer, and Daviette Peterson