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Wallace Melbourne Fjosne


Jennifer Fjosne


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN

Grandpa Fjosne

Wallace Melbourne Fjosne was born April 27, 1925 at MooseLake Hospital. He was born in a Red Cross Hospital because of a fire thatburned down the regular hospital in 1918. His parents, James and Eva, alsogave birth to three more children, Wilber, Willard, and Dorothy. Wallacewent to grade school at District 16 by Sturgeon Lake and later went to SunnyhillSchool by Oak Lake. He started high school in Willow River until he enlistedin the U.S. Marine Corps and served in the South Pacific during World WarII. He went back to high school, graduated, and got his diploma. He metDorothy Johnson and soon afterwards married her. Together they lived inDuluth and Wallace worked at U.S. Steel.

U.S. Steel's main service was mining taconite and had 1,530employees. Other taconite mining factories in the area were Oglebay Nortonlocated in Eveleth, MN and Inland Steel located in Virginia, MN. In 1948,Wallace and Dorothy moved to Moose Lake. On April 15, 1948, they gave birthto their first child, Cheryl. In Moose Lake, he worked for the Moose LakeCo-op service man in hardware until 1957. In that period of time (1949- 1957) they had two more children, Monte, born January 28, 1951 and LuAnn,born April 4, 1953. He went to work in Wrenshall for Western Oil and Fuelwhich was later called Conoco. At the Wrenshall Oil Refinery, his job wasto make sure that the right mixtures of oil and crude oil made the rightmixture for gasoline. He worked night shift work for these machines neededconstant watching.

He later went on to take classes to become a welder. Afterhe became a certified welder, he worked more in the maintenance departmentchecking for leaks in pipes. The pipes were large, 2 - 3 feet in diameter,that oil and gas went through. He worked at the Co-op Credit Union on theboard for 22 years until retirement in 1981. Wallace sold the house thathe and his wife were living in and built a log home where his deer shackwas. He built it because he enjoyed the woods, logging, and the outdoorsso much. Today, he has 4 grandchildren, Jill, Kristi, Jeff, and Jennifer. Just recently he sold the log home and moved to Moose Lake on the edgeof town.

He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and in January of 1994he will become the Grand Master of the Lodge. The Masonic Lodge's maingoal is to help crippled children. They help provide transportation forthem for treatment. They get support from the Shriners Hospital.

One of his hobbies is hunting. He has enjoyed huntingsince he was little. When he was a little boy he went to the "deershack" with his dad east of Kerrick, MN. He built his own shack therein 1955. It was originally 8 X 14 feet and he gradually added on a bedroomand a kitchen. Monte remembers going to the deer shack on his dad's shoulderswith his sister, Cheryl, walking along side. Wallace enjoyed hunting therefor many years and eventually his son started hunting there. He startedgoing to North Central Montana hunting mule deer in 1961. He hunted onfriends' land bringing campers with them to live in. These were great memoriesfor him. His son started going in 1969 and going every other year. Theyhunted on the breaks of the Missouri River.

He talks all year long of going out to the deer shack inKarlstad to be outdoors and watching the deer feed on deer food and helpingin the woods cutting wood. He makes many trips to Karlstad before deerseason just to make sure the "deer shack" is ready for him "openingday." Now, he hunts in Pelan township with his son at his "deershack" and his grandson, Jeff and hopefully his granddaughter, Jennifer.

He also had snowmobiles for many years, enjoying many trailrides in the woods with his wife and her "Skidoo.:

He continues to help his brother, Willard, who owns a sawmillin Willow River. He enjoys being able to be outdoors and helping with logging. He also enjoys fishing, antique collecting, and welding.

I got my information from Wallace Fjosne and Monte Fjosne.

IZE=+1>I got my information from Wallace Fjosne and Monte Fjosne.