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John Irwin Folland


Siri Folland


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


John Irwin Folland was born on September 28, 1919 in PelanTownship of Kittson County, Minnesota. His parents were Isaac and AnneFolland. He was born on a farm where he milked cows, and where all thekids had to help with chores before going to school in the morning. Hisbrothers and sisters are: Alice, Agnes, Lee, Harold, and Art Folland.

He went to school in a one room country school where oneteacher had eight grades. There were 3 - 5 people in his grade. He droveto school in a horse and buggy, or when it was winter, he went with a horseand a toboggan. There were many frozen fingers and toes on some mornings.

After graduation from grade 8, he went 2 years to collegeat Crookston. Then he ran out of money to pay for college so he did notfinish it. After that, he worked on his farm and then Isaac died. He wassort of boss at the age of 17.

Then World War II came along and, of course, he was putin 1-A. Rather than being drafted he enlisted in the Navy where for thenext 4 years his home was aboard the U.S.S. Warren, an attack transport. That is a ship that carried all the cargo and military personnel neededwhen they made an invasion.

Invasions were in the Pacific. He thinks he made 7 differentinvasions. The Guadal Canal was his home port out there for some time. It seemed to be where he worked out of.

All his spare time was spent training troops for the nextinvasion. During the invasion of Iwo Jima, he was in the United Statesfor repairs. He was tied up at Portland, Oregon for two months. He washome for 30 days, but then he headed back out. Finally, he took occupationforces into Japan.

The war was over and he once again went back to the UnitedStates. He then boarded a train for Minneapolis at Treasure Island. Hereceived his discharge papers in Minneapolis.

Since he married Ruth Holter in 1949, he bought his farm6 miles north of Karlstad and 4 miles east of Halma. He has been thereever since.

He raised a family of 4, Marylin, Jeanne, Michael, andJan. They milked cows till 1974. Then they had beef cows a few years. He finally sold them.

Then it was strictly grain until my dad, Michael, tookover. John still lived on the same farm.

"It has been a real challenge, and there have beensome tough times in between. I don't think I would want to go back to thehorse and buggy days," said John.

John also said that the four wheel drive tractors theyhave today with the air conditioned cabs are no comparison to the onesthey used to have.

Now, John has 9 grandchildren and is 73 years old. Hisgrandchildren are: Jeremy, Brett, Kris, Siri, John, Erin, and Krystle Folland. Also, Kragh Olson and Lowell Harvey are his grandchildren.

My grandpa, John, is a great person. He plays pool withme and other games. He is really a fun person to be with.

He is still farming a little bit, but Michael is in charge. He is living a good life. He has had a good farm life over the years. He is still married to Ruth Folland (Holter), and I really love them bothvery much.

I got my information from John Folland (my grandpa).

I got my information from John Folland (my grandpa).