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Eileen Ford


Jessica King


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Years Gone By

Eileen Ford was born on February 26, 1924 on a farm nearRed Lake Falls. She had two sisters, Jane and Margret, and four brothers,Henry, Frank, Arnold, and Pat.

They all walked to school 4 miles. They took horses andbuggies sometimes in the winters.

The school was a one room school house. The school hada big bell outside the door and at noon people range it.

Tablets were 5 cents each and crayons were 10 cents a box. Eileen went to the bathroom in an outhouse.

Her family made their own butter and ice cream. They usedan ice box to keep things cool.

The girls had to work in the house and garden.

Eileen got married to John King in Euclid, MN May 22, 1942and she had 11 children whose names are: Donald, Duane, Carol, Patsy, Judy,Faye, Linda, Robert, Tom, Mary, and Edward.

They lived on a farm near Euclid, MN. Eileen raised grainon their farm. Eileen washed clothes on a wringer washing machine in 1946. The house burned down and Eileen moved in a small 5 room house.

in a small 5 room house.