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My Grandfather

Donald Foss


Natlee Foss


6th Grade 1996, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Donald Foss is my grandpa. He was born at Northwood Hospitalon December 18, 1938. His parents are Aliven and Addline Foss. They arestill living and they are living in Hatton, ND. When he was a little boy,he lived on a farm. He had a cow, a dog, and cats. Grandpa went to a countryschool but he only went to 5th grade because he helped his dad on the farm.He had two sisters and two brothers. Their names are Janice, Arlene, Jimmy,and Dunue.

On December 30, 1961, Donald married Duella and they hadfour kids and their names are: Daryll, Darla, Dennise, Dairn. They are stillmarried and living in Lake Bronson. When they lived in Donaldson, grandpaworked at the elevator. My mom (Darla) helped him by making coffee and sweepingthe floors. On August 1, 1986, grandpa and grandma opened a little cafein Lake Bronson. In the summer, I would help them in the store. But in 1990,they had to close it. They still live there - they made it into their home.

Later, he became a fireman for the Lake Bronson fire department.The one thing he likes being a fireman is saving people's lives. One ofthe times was when they saved a little boy's life from a burning house.Grandpa works for the city. He fixes water pipes, cleans the streets, isin the Lions Club for Lake Bronson, and he puts out fires too.

Sometimes, he helps us out with something on the farm whenhe comes out to visit us.

This April, the baby of the family is going to get married.Grandpa is excited for the wedding. His parents visit him. He goes and visitshid dad in the hospital whenever he can.

He has a dog names Pennie and a cat named Precious - sheis a brat.

He and some friends go and play at the casino (but onlyonce a month). His brother, Dunue, comes and visits him once in a while.The one thing I love about him is that is is funny. For Christmas, he andhis wife go and visit them in Hatton or Pelican Rapids just to see themonce a year. Sometimes we go with them. His grand kids visit him a lot.All of his grand kids love him and he loves us too.

I got my information from my mom and grandfather.