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Why I Admire This Person

Sara Franks


Alesha Jane Franks


6th Grade 1998, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


I admire my grandma Sara mainly because she's my grandma. There are a lot of other reasons why I admire my grandma too. I like herbecause she is always exciting and planting flowers and fruits around thehouse and in her flower bin.

When she is going somewhere she always brings me with her,and she gets a lot of different stuff like a pair of jeans and CD's forme and I really like that a lot.

She is a very nice person to other people and is fun tobe with. She can make me laugh and when I'm sick she makes me feel a lotbetter. Whenever I'm at my house and home alone, she will always come overand talk with me about different stuff and watch TV with me when I havenothing to do.

Whenever I need help on my home work, she can be reallysmart and she will help me with my home work. After it has been corrected,I would either get an A or I would get a B on my home work. She is alwaysmaking stuff easier for me whenever I have trouble and can't do somethingby myself. Whenever my grandma is doing an art project, or something else,I most of the time get to help her paint her walls or ceiling and sometimesI get to help paint her closet.

When the holiday comes, we are always cooking cookies,cakes, and jello. One time when I was sick, I went over to my grandma'shouse so my mom and dad could go to work. When I got there, my grandmatook real good care of me. My second day of being sick I felt a lot morebetter the next day.

I give thanks to my grandma a lot because I love her andshe does a lot of different stuff just for me. My grandma has always beenfun to be with whenever you want to go somewhere or do something. My grandmaSara has always been fun to be with whenever you want to go or do something. I know my grandma will always love me and I will always love my grandmaSara. When my birthday comes on June 10, she always gives me money andcloth.

I love my grandma for what she is and who she is and whatshe does. She is always helping kids. She helps them when she drives busfor the little to help them get home in the afternoon and get to schoolin the morning, so the kids with no cars or a truck would get to and backfrom school. I will always admire my grandma Sara.


I got this information from an interview with my grandmaSara.

y grandmaSara.