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My Friend, Ruth


Cindy Pede

Senior High Division


Some friends are different from other. I'm talking aboutone of my neighbors, Ruth Easton. She is from Boston, Mass.

Ruth Easton was born and raised in the East. Later sheworked in California.

She met one of the Humboldt men, Don Easton. They weremarried and now they live in St. Vincent.

In the East, they did many things differently than we doin St. Vincent.

Some families had sort of a food schedule. On Friday night,everyone ate fish, on Saturday nights, everyone ate baked beans, hot-dogs,potato salad, and lettuce and tomatoes, Wednesday, they ate spaghetti. Theydrink a lot of coffee with sugar in it. Other nights they just ate meat,potatoes, and vegetables. People with money ate lobster or seafood. Theywere freshly caught.

Before it was illegal, the children picked clams on thebeach by the bucketful and then boiled or fried them.

The country is hilly and there are mountains. The peoplelive close together. Some of the cities are very crowded.

The Atlantic Ocean is also close by. The water in the oceanis always a grayish color.

When Mrs. Easton went to school, they wore dresses or skirts.No one was allowed to wear slacks. There was a big emphasis on conduct,good manners, and good posture. They took many historical tours of Bostonand area. And later, they gave reports. They had to READ, READ, READ everything.Everyone had to take in as many proper "doings" as possible.

They visited museums, historical sites, science and medicalcenters.

They believed in sophistication.

In High School, everyone had to pick either a college prepcourse, business course, or vocational course. Ruth took a nursing course.

During High School, many of the students visited the RadioStudio and became friendly with the disc jockeys and some of the recordingartists. Some of Ruth's friends were Eddie Fisher and Bobby Darin. Theyalso went to see the Red Sox baseball players.

There were many civic celebrations. Each year someone dressedlike Paul Revere and rode through town crying "HEAR YE" "HEARYE" He stopped at the places where Paul Revere had stopped.

In Medford where Ruth lived, he stopped at a colonial house.At a second story window, a fellow dressed in a long night shirt and hat,threw open the shutters as Paul rode up and yelled.

"The British are Coming" or "The Red Coats Are Coming." Then Paul dismounted and went into the house for tea.


Ruth also visited the CONSTITUTIONS or old IRONSIDES whichis in the Boston Harbor. This old ship has been restored for tourists tovisit.

Ruth's Dad worked in the Boston Navy ship yard, also deliveredfuel oil. He had many customers near Bunker Hill Monument and Charlestown.

While Ruth was growing up, they rode on the Boston Ferryand the street cars. Both the Ferry and street cars are gone now. They tookthe last ride on the Boston Ferry before it closed down. Her home was only18 miles out of Boston so they did a lot of shopping in Boston's big stores.

Many Saturday mornings, they attended either a Tarzan,Roy Rogers, or a Cartoons show. They had many shows which continued forseveral weeks. Some they saw were Black Beauty, Rin Tin Tin, Robin Hood,and Lassie.

Each spring, the children watched their parents make maplesugar. They had "sugaring off" celebrations.

Boston has many churches, The Christian Science and Baptistare the most popular. There are also many kinds of people. There are Irish,Negro, Pole, Puerto Rican, Italians, Jews, and others. It is sort of a meltingpot.

Ruth comes from a part of the United States which is different.She says, "I like it here."


Easton, Ruth, St. Vincent, MN

Roberts, Martha, Humboldt, MN

1>Easton, Ruth, St. Vincent, MN

Roberts, Martha, Humboldt, MN