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Everett Alan Goble


6th Grade 1996, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


My father is the person who I did my essay on. My fatherwas born in the year 1937. That was a hard time. The reason I admire himis because he fought in World War II. When my dad went to school, if youdidn't have your homework you got a pull on the ear or you got spanked oryou got royally punished. If you did something bad, you got a hickory stickon the buttocks.

People were very strict back then. You never wanted tomouth off in school you got a whole bunch of work for school.

When winter came, if the front door got snowed in, youwould have to find a way to get out to milk the cows.

When my dad was about my age, his house burned down. Hisdad had all kinds of farm animals. My father only had the clothes on hisback because of what he was bought. He didn't get everything that he wanted. If he got something that was very expensive it was a special gift. Henever got paid for doing any of the chores. Mowing the was probably thelongest jobs of all. He never got the special treatment if he helped aroundthe farm. When you were told to do something, you did it or you got a snapon the buttocks. If you wanted something, you worked extra hard for it. When you did something that was forbidden, you got punished royally. Myfather is at the age of 58. He was raised by a harsh or strict family. My dad was lucky to have been born in the United States of America. Ibelieve that my dad has a very strong mind. My dad said that when he wasjust a child you were lucky to get a slice of bread. My dad said that timeswere very hard. All the people didn't have a lot of money to spend. Theyhad to grow all their own vegetables. Like here are some examples of them,tomatoes, carrots, beans, peas, corn, potatoes, pumpkins, squash, and parsnips. Not to mention that they had to hunt for their own meat. Here are someexamples: moose, deer, elk, bear, grouse. My dad says "That therewere very few deer, bear and grouse. They had to can mostly all of theirown food. Sometimes they weren't quite so lucky if it was stormy they stillhad to walk to school. Can you imagine week after week, day after day. We are so lucky that we get to ride to school. Everybody was equal andworked together."

Back then I wonder why they were called the good old days? My dad says that times were dam hard for people. Some people had to worknonstop just to get food. Other had to work for a place to stay. Becausepeople didn't have enough money to make a house or purchase any land anywherefor a long time. He also says that people weren't going to give up. Theyhad to fight for what they knew was right. Back then, people never hadthe modern technology that we have right now. He says that he never hadany deep and unfulfilled wishes. He also says that they did play baseball,jacks, card games like whist, rummy. They enjoyed the thrill of fishingwhen they had the because they had to work so much. If they had the timeI imagine they went swimming. When they nothing to do, they probably wentoutside and fed all the animals. I bet you that they wish that they hadour means of life. In our fancy houses with all our technology that wehave right now.

s with all our technology that wehave right now.