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The Life And Times Of Mr. Goede


Kent Ash

Junior High Division


Maurice Goede was born on the 12th day of March, 1912,to William and Lucinda Goede. He was born on a farm outside of Sanborn,Minnesota, in Cottonwood County. When he was six weeks old, he was baptizedin the German Lutheran Church.

When Maurice was four years old, he and his family movedto a farm outside of Lake Bronson, Minnesota. Maurice had three brothers:Kenneth, Bill and Ralph. He also had five sisters: Laura, Vera, Anette,Esther and Viola.

Maurice started his education in first grade at RosedaleSchool house. During school, Maurice can remember that he was just likekids today. He would get into trouble or mischief. Either he would be pullingthe girls hair or poking them or being disciplined for some work he didn'tfinish. Every day that it wasn't raining or storming, Maurice and his brothersand sisters would have to walk about two miles to school. The boys of theschool would take turns bringing the wood in from the outside during theday so the school would be nice and warm.

Maurice's dad had three quarters of land and all the livestockyou could think of: cows, chickens, turkeys, horses, etc. After school hehad to do chores: feed the animals, milk the cows, cut wood and carry water.

After Maurice finished his chores, he like to hunt andtrap. During the winter, he caught muskrats, rabbits, and beaver. Afterhe skinned them, he sold them. He made about thirty dollars a year.

At night, the family sat around the stove and played thephonograph they had. It was one you had to wind or crank up. They wouldall be sitting around and the phonograph would be getting slower and slower,so they had to wind it up.

During Christmas, Maurice's family and some other neighborsgathered together and exchanged gifts and had a big meal.

When Maurice was twelve years old, he got a bad diseasecalled whooping cough. He was the only one of the family to get this disease.

Just like all kids, there was one night a week everyonehated: bath night.. that horrible night was Saturday night. They would dothis in worry that they might lose their arrogant smell. Besides, the followingday was Sunday, church.

In the summer of 1924, they decided they would add a coupleof rooms on to the house and remodel the house. They changed it into a twelveroom house. All the neighbors helped in the remodeling. In the fall of thatsame year, the beautiful remodeled house burned down. The furnace blew upand all that was left standing was the chimney. No one was hurt becausethey were all in town shopping. All they had left were the clothes on theirbacks. They were very lucky the barn didn't burn down or they would havereally been in tough shape. All the neighbors helped them through the winterand they built a new house in the spring.

Maurice's first job was as a hired man at Clarkfield, Minnesota.While he was working, he received a draft notice to report as soon as possible.He was in the Army for six years in a medical unit. While Maurice was inthe Army, he saw most of Africa and Italy.

After Maurice got out of the Army, in 1947, he went outand got a job at the Raymond Erickson of Kennedy. There he earned about$200 a month plus room and board. Days on the farm started as early as 4:00a.m.

In 1955, Maurice went to work for the Wiese and Bahr farms.There Maurice was trusted very much. They could go away and not even tellMaurice. They knew everything would be the same when they returned exceptall the livestock and the other jobs would be done. Maurice meant a greatdeal to the Wieses and Bahrs. It is not easy to come by people like Mauriceany more.

Maurice worked for the Wieses and Bahrs for 14 years, thenhe retired and moved to Humboldt where he lives now.


Goede, Maurice, Humboldt, MN 56731, Interview, January,February, 1975

1>Goede, Maurice, Humboldt, MN 56731, Interview, January,February, 1975