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Eli Gooselaw: One Who Breaks Away From TheCrowd


Donna Easter


Eli Gooselaw has been a long time resident of St.Vincent. He has become a well known person through his work and kindness to everyonein the community. Eli has worked for many farmers in this area dur-inghis middle aged years.

Eli was born on December 2, 1891 at Emerson, Manitoba. His father Zebb Gooselaw came from Canada and his mother, Elizabeth Parentueacame from Walhalla, North Dakota. Eli had thirteen brothers and sisters. He has only one brother living today, who has been barbering in Fargo,North Dakota. Eli attended school at St. Vincent.

Eli Gooselaw has lived in St. Vincent for 46 years. Heresides in a large house and has a very crude way of living. He still enjoyschopping firewood for his wood stove. He has grown so accustomed to theold ways of living and has never changed his way of living. Eli has noelectricity in his house and still manages to get along with his kerosenelamps. In the winter months he melts snow for his water supply and in thesummer depends on the rain and wells.

In 1917 Eli enlisted in army at Grand Forks, North Dakotaand was assigned to an infantry batallion. He sailed from Angel Islandto China in 1917. He spent twenty-six months serving in China. After hefinished duty in China he sailed back to the United States and in 1919 wasdischarged from his duties at Camp Dodge, Iowa.

Eli barbered in his younger days in many towns around theRed River area. Eli barbered in Hallock, Humboldt, Drayton, Joliette, Pembina,Emerson, Brandon and Debuk, Saskatchewan. Eli has also worked at the St.VincentElevator and was always glad to help out farmers in the Red River area.

Eli still has many interests today. He still likes towatch wrestling and baseball. At one time Eli says he was part of a teamwhich was made up of Gooselaws. This team was known to many towns in theRed River Valley.

Eli still does helpful jobs around St. Vincent. He haulswater for others who aren't strong enough. Eli walks uptown everyday forthe mail which he delivers around town.

Eli Gooselaw, at his age is still a very ambitious man. He is friendly to everyone and is always willing to work for others. Hehas become an outstanding person among the people of St.Vincent. He givesthe younger generation a look on how life use to be.

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