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Great Aunti Alice


Mark Langehaug

6th Grade 1998, Tri-CountySchool, Karlstad, MN

First place

Kittson County Historical Society genealogyessay contest - 1998


Alice Dorothy Hagen was born on November 16, 1914, in StevensCounty, Minnesota. She was born at home where her mother was assisted bya midwife and a doctor.

Her first memory was a sad one. At the age of three, shewas separated from her family. Her parents were friends with a new immigrantfamily from Norway; their names were the Clausens. They had no childrenof their own, so Alice's family gave Alice to the Clausens, so they wouldknow what it might be like to have a child. Alice lived with them untilshe married.

Alice attended country school near Morris, Minnesota. Sheskipped the fifth grade because she was the only one in the class and theteacher didn't want to mess with only one fifth grader. So, into the sixthgrade she went!

While living with the Clausens, she helped with farm work.She had a lot of chores. She milked the cows, picked the eggs, helped farm360 acres, and slopped the pigs. She also shocked the grain and corn, andwalked behind the harrow and the horse in the field. Her most enjoyabletime on the farm was spent with her pets, a cat and a dog.

Alice attended high school in Albert, Minnesota throughthe 8th grade. She lived in a boarding house with three other girls whilegoing to school. There were no busses so the girls only went home on theweekend, weather permitting.

After high school, Alice went to business college for sixmonths. She worked for Stevens County. She then took a job in Morris forJ.C. Penney and was a clerk for two and a half years.

On November 11, 1937, Alice married Silas Danielson ofLake Bronson, Minnesota. He had been Alice's high school teacher for twoyears. They moved to Lake Bronson and became a part of the family generalstore business. They later bought the store from Silas' parents and operatedit for 30 years. After Si's death, Alice managed the store for seven anda half years.

During their marriage, Silas and Alice raised five children.Alice devoted her life to many things. She taught Sunday School for severalyears. She was a Girl Scout Leader and a member of the P.T.A. She enjoyedbowling and golfing, and always taking time to enjoy both activities.

After Alice sold her business to the Durands, she workedpart-time at various jobs. She continued her role in church, community,and civic affairs. She was the first female mayor of Lake Bronson; she wasmayor for three years. Her term as mayor saw many improvements in the village,the highlight being the construction of the community center. In 1986, Alicewas selected as the outstanding Female Senior from Kittson County. She alsoearned a trip to the Minnesota State Fair to compete at the state level.

Alice spends a lot of her time working around her house.She cares for her yard, her flowers, and her one cat Kirby. She also enjoysentertaining her friends for dinner. There's nothing like one of Alice'smeals, they are delicious!!! Some evenings are spent playing Go Rummy andother card games with friends.

Alice has experienced many tough times in her life. Whatkeeps her going is her belief that you do unto others as you would havethem do unto you.

Well, that's my Great Auntie Alice! I hope you enjoyedmeeting her.

l, that's my Great Auntie Alice! I hope you enjoyedmeeting her.