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Verne Green


Zachary Green


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My Grandpa's name is Verne Green. He was born on July18, 1924 in Marsh Grove Township, Newfolden, MN. School started in firstgrade because back then there was no kindergarten. In the school he attended,there was only one teacher for grades one through eight. Some of the subjectsthat he had were reading, writing, and social studies. He had two teachers. One taught him until Christmas time and the other taught the last halfof the year. In the first grade, he had only seven months of school. "LuckyGrandpa!" Then, he went to the regular eight months after first grade. In the later grades, he had a male teacher which was uncommon back then.

They only way he could get to school was by walking. Unlessit was bad weather, then people would come with a team of horses, but ifthe roads were open they would take the car.

They also got to play games like softball and anti-i-overin the fall. In the winter, he skied and tobogganed. Sometimes they evenpulled it behind the horse or car.

Some of the things he did after school was carrying inwood. The big thing was to listen to the programs on the radio in the evening. He listened to Jack Armstrong, "The All American Boy." He alsolistened to "Little Orphan Annie." The stories continued everynight so he had to hurry and get his chores done.

When he started farming, it was way different than it isnow. When he started, he used horses. On the plow, he used four horses,but when it was heavy soil he used five. They could only pull a two bottomplow. For cultivating, he used a spring-tooth harrow and he walked behindit. Also, to work up the soil, he had a seven foot disk which needed fourhorses to pull it. For harvesting, he didn't have a combine - he had abinder which cut the grain in bundles and put them into shocks. That alsowas pulled by four horses. Then, he threshed it with a threshing machinewhich he parked in the field or near the barn. They used horses or, inlater years, he used three brakes to sweep the bundles into the threshingmachine. He farmed 100 - 150 acres.

His father died with he was 10 so he learned how to farmby himself or by his mistakes.

The first thing he bought was a Case foot machine. Lateron, he bought a Cockshot self-propelled, and a Super 92 self-propelled combine. The first tractor he used was a Ford tractor. The big thing with thattractor was that it had rubber tires and it came with a two bottom plowand a seven foot cultivator. The combine he used was a threshing machinecalled a Red River Special. He used the Ford tractor which had enough powerto operate it and then came the International combine which was called asix foot machine. It didn't have an auger, it had a high bin which washigh enough to drive a truck under and the grain would flow out by gravity.

He decided to farm because he thought he should keep thefarm going and he enjoyed it. He also had the background of farming sohe gravitated toward farming. He also thinks that the machinery has changedbut the power was the biggest thing that changed farming in his life time.

One story that Grandpa told me was that one time he wasdisking and he saw a pocket gopher. He started to throw dirt clumps atit. It went behind the horse and he threw a dirt clump at it and hit thehorses. The horses took off and ran right for the fence. The disk felloff. The horses hit the fence and tore it down. The horses were all rightbut the new fence was wrecked!

I got my information from my Grandpa, Verne Green

NT SIZE=+1>I got my information from my Grandpa, Verne Green