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Who I Admire

Jerry Groves


Jessie Groves


6th Grade 1998, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


I admire my father for many reasons, but before I get intothem I'll tell you about his life.

My father, Jerry Groves, was born in Fairfield, California. He grew up with two brothers and five sisters. As a child, Jerry was veryactive. He enjoyed exploring places like the woods. He also liked to gohiking and swimming. Building model cars and playing games of marbles werealso some of his favorite hobbies.

My father graduated from high school in 1967. In 1968,Jerry went into the army as a radio operator. First, he went to a bootcamp in Fort Lewis, Washington. Then, after boot camp, Jerry was shippedto Germany. There, he went through many beautiful castles. Then, in 1970,Jerry was sent to Vietnam. He said it was very hot there and they werebombed a lot. He said he got really scared one time too.

In 1971, he came back to Fairfield. There, he found ajob working for a car dealer. Then, in 1972, Jerry worked in a lumber yardfor three years. When he was finished working there, he found a job atMare Island Shipyards repairing submarines. While at the Shipyards, hemet my mother, Debbie Elfstrom, and married her December 16, 1978. My oldersister, Lindsey Groves, was born July 31, 1981. I was born December 11,1985. We lived in California for just about three years.

Then, in 1988, our family moved to Lancaster, Minnesota. Jerry was unemployed for about six months. My mom found odd cleaning jobsaround town. Then, my dad found a job at the United States Customs. Hestill works there to this day.

There are many reasons why I admire my father. He willalways be there for me whenever I need him. He will encourage me to bemyself and to help others. Sometimes he and I will go shopping and he'llbuy me video games or maybe something else I don't really need. He willtake me and my friends places like the zoo or to Fun Mountain.

I enjoy helping him out with yard work. He taught me howto drive a lawn mower and a tractor. We help my mom clean the house andplant flowers in her flower garden. We'll help my sister groom and feedher four horses. My dad helped me set up my first tent, trampoline, swimmingpool, and volleyball net. Mr dad is also good at science and math. So,if I have trouble in those subjects, he'll help me out.

Sometimes he'll get mad, but I know it won't last longand he'll be over it in an hour or two.

Those are only some of the reasons why I admire my father.

The biggest one of all is that he's my dad and I love himfor who he is.

I received this information from an interview with JerryGroves.

his information from an interview with JerryGroves.