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Donavan Gunnarson


Kirby Linn Gunnarson


6th Grade 1996, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


My dad and early history.

This is my dad and history.

He was born on May 15th, 1957.

He lived on a farm south of Lake Bronson. He had numerousvarieties of dogs. He went to school in Lake Bronson, Minnesota. Whenhe was in 6th grade, his school shut down so he had to go to school in Karlstad. My dad has had glasses for school since he was in 4th grade. Now, he needshis glasses for everything.

My dad had some very important goals that kids our agecould never do. He got to drive a tractor when he was 6 years old. Healso got to be in a swimming race and he had to swim all the way acrossLake Bronson Lake and won first place.

As he made his goals at age 16. The only vacation my dadtook is to the Cities. My dad had his tonsils removed. My dad wore jeansand a T-shirt for clothes. My dad had a lot of hobbies. Some are: hunting,swimming, camping, and walking beside the river that ran passed our house. When he would go to town, he said there were a lot of people there. Thetown was full of stores, cafes and one Gamble store. My dad had to go tothe bathroom in an outhouse, and take a bath in the river or in a big bucket.

My dad's family didn't get sewer or water until 1961. Part of my dad's chores were raising the cows, stacking hay and feedingthe animals and watering them also. He also chopped holes in the ice inthe winter for the animals to drive. He wasn't allowed to watch T.V. unlesshis chores were done.

When he could watch T.V., they only got 1 channel. TheT.V. was always in black and white and the T.V. was huge. If there wasnothing on T.V., he would listen to Rock and Roll. My dad grew up quitewell and decided to go to high school in Karlstad. When he was in highschool, he got a job at Cenex in Lake Bronson on weekdays after school. On weekends, he worked for Dan Mar Drywall. He married Linda Marie Gunnarsonon November 26, 1977. My dad was 19 and my mom was 18 years old when theygot married. They got married at Zion Lutheran Church. It was a lovelywedding. My mom and dad didn't get to have a honeymoon.

On September 6, 1982, my parents had a boy named DonavanLoyd Gunnarson. Next, they had a girl and her name was Kirby Linn Gunnarsonwho was born on July 6, 1984 and that was me.

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Written by: Kirby Linn Gunnarson


Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.